Vampire Check-In. 128 Days To Go.

We still have a ways to go until June 30th (128 days, to be exact), but what is a winter without vampires?  So, dear friends, it’s time once again to talk Eclipse.  To those who reside beneath rocks, the studio named the film The Twilight Sage: Eclipse, which is fine.  To those in the know (everyone except my mother), it’s just Eclipse.  Or More Of Edward, Please.  Or OhMyGod, Just Have Sex Already.

We’re already caught up on what Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are doing.  Remember Me opens in theaters March 12th and The Runaways opens March 19th.  Stewart’s other movie, The Yellow Handkerchief, co-starring William Hurt, opens on February 26th.  Stewart will also present with Taylor Lautner at this year’s Academy Awards.

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The Twilight Saga catapulted most of its stars into a level of celebrity an actor could only dream of.  Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene
and young Taylor Lautner (ESPECIALLY young Taylor Lautner) should thank
their stars for being cast in a franchise so popular.  Without Twilight, Lutz would only be that fratty fringe character from 90210.  Ashley Greene’s only claim to fame woud be a nudie pic she’d be forced to leak on the internet.  Heck, even Rachelle Lefevre got TV work out of it.  By the by, now that Lefevre is out, how do you think Bryce Dallas Howard will do as Victoria?  She terrifies me.Since being kicked to the curb (or opting out due to scheduling conflict, depending on who you believe), Leferve has since filmed Barney’s Version with Scott Speedman and Paul Giamatti, appeared on ABC’s new lawyer drama The Deep End, and was most recently tapped for an untitled medical drama on CBS, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  This marks Lefevre’s return to the network after she appeared in the short-lived series, Swingtown.Jackson Rathbone
(Jasper) hasn’t seemed to reach the level of excess fame the others
have.  However, I learned that Rathbone was a part of Disney 411, which
is like an MTV for the Disney crowd.  He’d go around and interview Hilary Duff and Aly & AJ.  Amazing.  AMAZING.  Click here to witness vintage magic.  Look at how doe-eyed and eager Rathbone was.  Want more Rathbone?  Here he is on The O.C.  When I first saw Twilight, I thought I was back in Newport Beach.  The casting department literally plucked guest stars Nikki Reed, Cam Gigandet and Rathbone from 90210-like obscurity (Hilary Swank, anyone?) and made them vampire heroes.And how cute is Billy Burke (Chief Swan)?  Don’t be fooled by the moustache, ladies.  I remember Burke fondly from 2004’s Ladder 49.  I was sobbing like child with a missing blankie by the time that movie ended.    We’ll be seeing the cast splashed across magazine covers and all over our computers in the coming months.  Until then, re-read Eclipse, re-watch Twilight, buy New Moon, and simply immerse yourself in the world of vampires.  Normal is out.  Crazy is in.