‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Steven R. McQueen Talks Jeremy Gilbert’s Evolution

Steven R. McQueen’s character on The Vampire Diaries is really coming out of his shell.  Might I also add that his handsome quotient has skyrocketed since the first season?  Jeremy Gilbert has evolved from this scraggly little black sheep to a key character in saving his sister from the claws de Klaus.

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French site Unification is all about The Vampire Diaries and are as eager as we are to hear more about Jeremy.  In excerpts from McQueen’s interview with The TV Chick, the grandson of late Hollywood legend Steve McQueen talked about Jeremy’s bigger role in the series and his budding relationship with Bonnie (Katerina Graham).  At first Bonnie resisted the chemistry between them, she finally gave in (and rightfully so).  In season one Jeremy was lost and hanging on by a thread after his parents died in a car accident.  This season finds Jeremy with a sense of purpose as he’s more involved in protecting Elena.

The young McQueen attended the Armani Exchange opening yesterday in Atlanta Georgia.  We are DYING for April 7th to get here.  Thursday nights don’t cut it without The Vampire Diaries.