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September 19th, 2005 // 44 Comments

On Paris Hilton and the reason why he won’t design her wedding gown.

No, I don’t like her. She is marrying the son of a friend of mine. They have billions. She is vulgar, and she is not even pretty.” After pausing for a moment to gather breath, Valentino concluded, “The Hiltons, they have nothing.”

(Source: Page Six)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. c.

    thank god someone finally spoke the truth about that nasty wench. ew.

  2. caro

    that is AWESOME. i love valentino even more now. genius

  3. Lisa

    Valentino is now my favorite designer. Thank God someone finally had the balls to tell it like it is.

  4. Ouchie!! That one hurts!! LMAO!! I love it.

  5. chaka


  6. MIMI

    AWESOME freakin comment . i love it! Vulgar, that is a dead on discription for her.

  7. LuvChoo

    That’s hot!

  8. The VALENTINO is great while The “whore” is just a whore and nobody else. Just so great to see her being maligned and shame.
    i mean no offense but that girl is so cheap. In the Philippines we also have someone as nasty as Paris. You guys heard about Kris Aquino? She’s the daughter of the former President(Philippines) Paris and her should rub elbows :p

  9. Mariana

    The Latsis family is certainly a lot wealthier, but they’re shady as fuck. A lot for their fortune comes from arms trading. As much as I hate Paris, I’ll take a bad porn tape over that any day.

    The Hilton’s don’t have nearly as much money as people say they do. The Hilton fortune has been splintered among so many heirs and Paris’s parents live off a relatively modest trust fund. Their place in the Waldorf is free. They’re not broke, but basically upper-middle-class. Not the gazillionaires some people think they are.

    I always liked Valentino’s clothes, they’re really elegant. Too much so for Paris. She needs a wedding gown by Heatherette. They should make it out of used condoms, videotape and blue contact-lens sequins and fringe it with the old extensions ripped from her head.

  10. The Real Ian !

    I agree totally however,….valentino should have done the dress overcharged like a bastard
    and then made the comment… i mean buisness is buisness and she would pay any price for the name
    so whats a quick million for a dress, matter of fact what would have been good would have been to create a dress for her then after the wedding tell her its a duplicate of another womans ,that would have killed her to two she had some common dress and payed a millon bucks for it

  11. mischa

    I agree with Valentino but to say that the Hilton’s have nothing is a little degrading to the rest of us??!! I think Oliver needs to be knocked down a few pegs.

  12. Jane

    Astute observation, Mr. Valentino!

  13. tempy

    HA HA HA HA I hope that racist skinny skank reads that and busts into tears. He was so on point. Why doesn’t she just run to Vegas like her equally as skanky sister and get it over with. And be divorced one month later.

  14. Mariana

    Paris being Paris, she probably expected to get her dress for free.

    Business IS business, but when you think about the fact that Valentino’s core demographic is typically older, very rich women who likely don’t worship Paris like the “Guess” set does, then it makes sense.

  15. AER

    Sooooo happy someone said it. Soooo happy it was Valentino. I think that what he meant in that The Hiltons have nothing did not just refer to their wealth (which would be a slap in the face to the rest of us), but rather that they think they are the most beautiful, stylish and powerful people in the world when in fact they are vapid morons who aren’t even as rich as they proclaim. They are the white versions of “hood rich”.

  16. ma

    That is so cool! but im sorry, the hiltons might not be mega rich but there is no wayyyy they are upper-middle class! My parents are upper-middle class and do not live like the Hiltons.

  17. mimi

    I think him saying they have nothing rreally means they ARE nothing. As in , they think they are royals or something, and Amerca laughs at them.

  18. mandy

    heatherette would be the perfect designers for her gown. actually, their clothes are way too classy for the jizz jacuzzi. i think the news will break that she is really a post-op transsexual(no offense to anyone) and that is where the hilton fortune went.

  19. Girly Girl

    PARIS HILTON: Proof that you don’t need to come from a trailer park to be poor white trash.

  20. Girly Girl

    PARIS HILTON: Proof that you don’t need to come from a trailer park to be white trash.

  21. Cynthia

    Vulgar! HAHAHA! Right on Valentino!
    When he said the Hiltons have nothing, he wasn’t talking about money. He was talking about sense, brains, class….

  22. Flo

    I love you, Valentino.

  23. emma peel

    MR.Valentino is right.All the European haute couturiers should boycott Paris, Nicky and their mother(since they are such snobs) who not only turn her dauhters into media whores but ruin the family name.
    Hey Paris ,may be Nolan Miller would whip out something Dynasty”ish” for your wedding dress with big wide shoulder pads,the 80s look is hot, you biatch.

  24. Jacquelina

    Ok, this Valentino guy is just plain MEAN! How could he say such horrible things about Paris? I mean, after all, she is AMERICAN ROYALTY!

  25. Zen

    Are you freakin’ kidding? American Royalty?
    WTF are you smoking??? The woman is as trashy as can be plus she’s proud of it. Kathy Hilton ought to be pelted with rotten eggs for unleashing Paris and her clone sister onto the world. Not hard to figure out where the 2 frumps got their taste and looks from. Their mother is just as vulgar and classless. Valentino hit the nail right on the head. Who would want their name on anything this whorebag wears. I pity the designer of her future wedding dress(provided there’ll even be a wedding).

  26. Jacquelina

    Zen! OF COURSE I am kidding!I was sarcastically referring to what the trashy whorebag said about a month ago (…”I am the closest thing to American Royalty…”) Boy, she sure does think highly of her trashy self!
    But, I am thrilled to find that you see this skank for what she really is!

  27. S

    The Latsis’s not only made their money in arms trading, but they were nazi collaberators. When it comes down to it, all those greek shipping magnates are just glorified gangsters anyway, that industry is so bloody corrupt. That said, even the Latsis’s aren’t stupid enough to let this rediculous woman marry into the family. Paris has yet to discover that the Euro rich will happily turn a blind eye if one of its own wants to play around with a two bit whore, but would never allow it to go so far as marriage.

  28. Zen

    Thank God, I thought you were serious for a moment.
    I just don’t get what there is to like about her.
    At least Nicole Richie has (or at least had some personality prior to flushing it out via diuretics with the rest of her).
    Hilton is a Skanky HOE!!Someone call Jerry Springer!!!He could build a whole season around her. That’s the only Tv Show onto which she belongs. Although that would mean she’d still be on TV. So scrap that idea.

  29. Neferi

    At last a break in the wall of deception! And the uniformity of opinion here regarding this piece of it is enlightening. It remains to be seen how much play it gets with the media sleazeballs. If they had told the truth from the start we would have been spared most of this sexual abuse.

  30. heidi

    Thank God, someone finally made a brutal and frank comment on who Paris Hilton is. She so think that she’s Gods gift to Hollywood, but hey hello she’s just a lunatic poser.

  31. Carla

    I read once where Paris wanted to hook up with Prince William. How stupid is this girl? Like his dad or Queen Elizabeth would allow this. As if William would even be remotely interested in her, when he could actually have someone who is PRETTY. Valentino is right she is not pretty, she is a homely brown eyed girl hiding behind bleached hair extensions & blue contacts. He was right, The Hiltons are nothing. He did not mean that as a slap in the face to anyone else either, he just meant THEY do not have the class & beauty that they THINK they have. Paris is ugly, she is not pretty. Mr. Valentino, I love you, you rock.
    You told it like it is, finally someone stood up to this trashy fugly skank with her bird nose.
    BTW, the 3rd part of post # 10….loved it!

  32. veelee

    Work it Valentino!

  33. bathina

    “mimi said:

    I think him saying they have nothing rreally means they ARE nothing. As in , they think they are royals or something, and Amerca laughs at them.”

    well, actually not only American laughs at them…
    i live in italy and i can assure you it’s the same here. or maybe it’s even worse…

  34. Denise

    Hey Bathina,since you live in Europe/Italy, what is the chance you think of Prince William hooking up with the beautiful Charlotte Casiraghi? God knows it would be better than Paris Hilton, the Quenn Mum would turn over in her grave if he was to ever get w/Hilton ho. I wish we heard more about beautiful
    Charlotte Casiraghi over here in the USA, but our media is obviously brain damaged over here cause the media puts the fugly Hilton in the public eye.
    Go figure.

  35. Cynthia

    There is definitely something wrong with the media in the U.S. Maybe everywhere. Otherwise, how the hell did this piece of trash ever get famous? I can not find one good thing about her. Not one. And it seems like most people are smart enough to see through this skanky fake. So tell me, who are her fans? Who is dumb enough to buy her stupid book, perfume, etc.? Is is just the junior high brats who are too young and inexperienced to know better?

  36. Paris Hilton not pretty? That’s crazy! I’d go lesbo for her!

  37. Glen

    Shes a dog, Valentineo whatever hit the mark with that comment. She is not a pretty girl. American Princess – post#37, have @ it, you most likely will catch some new strain of STD that is immune to antibiotics. Good luck lesbo.
    P.S. Try not to focus on her lazy eye too much.

  38. JC

    Paris Hilton not pretty? She’s beautiful! That lazy eye, the hair extensions, the orange tan, and the hook nose do it for me!

  39. Neferi

    I am impressed with the spirit I see here, but I have a cautionary note to add. While this Valentino fellow was bang on here, the question does arise: who would he do a dress for? Is this merely a nationalist swipe at a non-Euro? He says the crime syndicate father of this skimpy Latsis boy is his friend. That raises questions also.

  40. bathina

    Neferi, Valentino makes dresses for lots of people (famouse or not, just rich people who can afford them…) from all over the world.
    He couldn’t care less about being european, american or martian, but he does care about style and class, these are the 2 things he tries to emphasize with his creations.
    we can agree with him or not about it, but i wanted to assure you this has nothing to do with the nationality of princess hilton… ;)

  41. bathina

    Denise, i don’t know much about the issue, all i know is that it’s a relationship that is highly wished for, from both families. now i don’t know if that is going to be a happy union (if it ever happens) as it rarely happens when 2 people are almost “forced” to be together…
    anyway, you can check some british gossip magazines online if you don’t get enough news in the usa.

  42. S

    You believe the british tabloids? Seriously? OK? HELLO? All those? You realise those are just glossy press releases in magazine form, right?

  43. Mel

    Haha, some of these comments are so amusing.

    Give the girl a break, if she can still stand up tall from after the sex tape then I don’t think Valentino’s comment means much to her.

    I see green eyes around, calm down.

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