Kanye West Attempts to Keep His Passion for Valentino a Secret

February 28th, 2008 // 4 Comments

Here is a smattering of the celebrity attendees of the Valentino Fall/Winter 2008 ready-to-wear show and I don’t know if Kanye West is hiding in his hoodie sweatshirt because he’s cold, or if he’s trying to maintain a low-profile. He doesn’t strike me as the sort of guy who tries to go unnoticed, so this just looks odd to me. Who knows…maybe it’s raining and he’s trying to protect a complicated hairstyle under there.

Winona Ryder was there and I think she’s looking fab, except that if I were Valentino I’d be keeping an eye on that big coat of hers. I’m not going to accuse her of anything, suffice to say that it looks like it has a bunch of hidden nooks and crannies, perfect for hiding–oh, I don’t know–racks of clothing.

Rebecca Romijn was also there, looking way glam and appropriate in her black ensemble and she had lots of praise to give Alessandra Facchinetti for the show, “She had huge shoes to fill and she paid homage – the fabrics were gorgeous and I loved the shots of red.” And I have a feeling Rebecca knows a thing or two about filling big shoes. I’m just saying–she’s a tall woman.

Photos: Getty Images

More photos from the Valentino show featuring Kanye West, Winona Ryder and Rebecca Romijn.

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Photos: Getty Images

By Lisa Timmons

  1. The Force

    It was always said that the devil would have a million followers and charm everyone into thinking he’s the guy to change the world. And change it he will. This is what you’re voting for if you vote Obama

  2. ginger

    What is happening to Winona? She looks so skeletal…and the sunken cheeks….
    I hope she’s not falling into this “I have to weigh 85 lbs to be beautiful” bullcrap hollywood standard.
    She used to be so beautiful.

  3. Billly

    Kanye West should eat shit and die!!! Arrogant asshole thinks he’s better than everyone on this planet. I hate that fukker. And he’s ugly as all hell.

  4. she looks so haggard and thin

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