Odd C-List/D-List News – Val Kilmer Running Around With Chad Lowe’s Girlfriend

Well, at least it’s a breath of fresh not Britney! Chad Lowe’s had a rough time of it. He marries Hilary Swank when she’s some nobody barely clinging to a career on “90210”. Then she gets the break of a lifetime, and scores that part in “Boys Don’t Cry” and forgets his ass in her Oscar acceptance speech. Then she not only divorces him, she outs him as a junkie in a magazine interview. Thanks, My Friend Flicka. So anyway, Chad picked up the pieces. He was on “24”. He got a new chick, Kim Painter. Things were looking up. Until puffy-ass Val Kilmer was spotted the other night in LA making time with his girl. Val and Kim were spotted running hand-in-hand away from the paparazzi together. Lowe’s rep claims they are “old friends who were working together” and that Chad and KIm are madly in love. Working together, huh? And what was the job description exactly? Special thanks to Val, Chad, and the lady they’re sharing for demonstrating that there is scandalous life on earth besides a certain mentally ill hoochie in Daisy Dukes.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online