Usher’s Momma vs. His Fiancee

February 23rd, 2007 // 9 Comments

Oh snap! Usher’s mom, Jonetta Patton, is less than thrilled about her son’s choice of wife and is “flipping out” over his upcoming wedding to Tameka Foster. The two have something of a history, as Tameka once worked as Usher’s stylist, but was fired by Patton, who claimed “she didn’t think she was dressing him according to the caliber of star he was.” Maybe she wasn’t providing him with a wide enough variety of silky, button-up shirts…or wait, does he even WEAR shirts? Whatevs. In any case, Jonetta’s got other reasons for her distaste. She’s nervous that Foster might be positioning herself to oust Mama Usher from her position as his manager.

She and Joe Simpson should sit down and have a lunch date.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. pugmeister

    is it just me or does that fiance look both older and also in ‘dick-a-fied’? that is a s/he with an emphasis on the he!

  2. A

    Wow, what a downgrade from Chili.

  3. Me

    Usher. Another one who has been peddling his dog and pony show out since he was a kid. Is there anything under that goofy grin? All his mother is concerned with is how someone is dressing her son? How long before he is beating a car with an umbrella?

  4. Janay Austin

    I CAN’T BELIEVE USHER IS GETTING MARRIED!!!! Unlike the other comments….this one is positive. I am not a hater!!! Since I love Usher with all my heart….I’m happy for him. Nice to see that cuties can settle down….after all he’s human. The only other thing I have to say is….THAT BETTA BE WHO HE WAS CHEATING ON CHILI WIT…..because other than that, how else did she pop up in the picture….I was suppose to be next in line after chili =(….j/k. God Bless them both. And……..MAMA USHER BETTA STOP TRIPPING!!! DON’T BE JEALOUS…

  5. sade smith

    usher im happy for you cause i’ave been waiting on you to settle down but she is too old she looks like a man and if your mother dont like her it has to be a good reason for begin so close to your mother and respecting all of her adivce i would think you would listen to her. On your truth tour box set video you said you will always listen to your mother cause she is giving you present and future adivce not just present but now you are thinking about present and and next year you are not thinking about 5 years from now and you need think about her begin mad at your mother and how she might try to get you to get another manager. and you said that you will never let your mother go for anyone or anything now your going to mess up ya’lls relationship cause of some girl if you do that i will be disappointed w/ you for the rest of your life and i’ave been one of your #1 fans for the longest. but anyway i love you in ever thing you do and will always support you and i think tha if you are putting this thing of marring this girl in front of your mother’s adivce then she must be a special girl so if your happy and will stay happy then i’m happy for you……just dont get your heart boken….again… love you always and i hope you know what you’re doing and please dont put her in frint of your mother……….hope you stay happy love your #1 fan sade ………P.S. cant wait till you come to dallas for your concert i’ll be there front and center. peace.

  6. lioness

    Usher, your soon to be wifey-boo there does look toooo much like a man. It’s scary. How could you settle for “that” after Chili…EWWW!!

  7. keith


  8. shorty

    USHER THAT DON’T MAKE NO SINCE YOU CAN DO BETTER then that female. she is not youe type
    Tameka is sooooooooooooooooooo UGLY!!!!!!!!!

  9. rita

    beauty they say is in d eyes of the beholder,if dats wat he wants then its cool

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