Usher’s Momma vs. His Fiancee

Oh snap! Usher’s mom, Jonetta Patton, is less than thrilled about her son’s choice of wife and is “flipping out” over his upcoming wedding to Tameka Foster. The two have something of a history, as Tameka once worked as Usher’s stylist, but was fired by Patton, who claimed “she didn’t think she was dressing him according to the caliber of star he was.” Maybe she wasn’t providing him with a wide enough variety of silky, button-up shirts…or wait, does he even WEAR shirts? Whatevs. In any case, Jonetta’s got other reasons for her distaste. She’s nervous that Foster might be positioning herself to oust Mama Usher from her position as his manager.

She and Joe Simpson should sit down and have a lunch date.

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