Usher Knocked Up

June 28th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Usher and his bride-to-be, Tameka Foster, have made public the news that Foster is pregnant with their baby, due to arrive this fall. The couple released a statement to that effect, indicating that in addition to planning their upcoming nuptials, they are expecting their first little bundle of joy together, the fourth child for 28-year-old Usher. In response to the question of whether or not she was expecting, Foster has responded in the past by saying:

“Yes, I do plan to have children with Usher. This is the man I love and plan to spend the rest of my life with, so why wouldn’t I want to share that bond of bringing another life into this world with him?”

I love just how aggressive her answer was. It’s like, “Calm down, lady. No one is questioning your relationship with Usher–we just wanted to know if that was a baby bump we saw. OK, I take that back…after your answer, now we’re totally questioning your relationship with Usher.” Anyone who answers the question of “Are you pregnant?” with “I could be if I wanted to” is usually crazy. That’s all I’m saying.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. You said”the fourth child for 28-year-old Usher”, actually, it is the first for him and the 4th for her.

  2. Fifi

    Ok anybody else thinking “scary golddigger?” I mean seriously… Could this be more obvious?

  3. bdayguurl

    I ain’t saying she’s a golddigger…

  4. mama mia

    Not a golddigger. This is Usher’s older lady. There is a lot to be said for the maturity and experience of older woman. She’s rocking his world. I’ve never seen him look so happy and satisfied.

  5. yama09

    omg usher is a brillant young man with a lot going for him and tameka foster is not a good look for him, because i believe he can have better and brighter things besides her….i think she trapped him into being in a relationship with him by getting pregnant…but if he’s happy than i guess that’s all that matters…..

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