Usher & His Mini-Me Son Look Forward To Father’s Day

Singer Usher took his son Usher Raymond V to the beach in Miami for a little fun in the son. The little boy, who is the spitting image of his R&B singer, enjoyed the company of his daddy while the pair encountered paparazzi and other parents and children.

The two were a social pair, posing for pictures with friendly families. It’s no surprise they were both so agreeable since Usher claims, “He’s got my name and it seems to me he has my personality.”

When the proud papa was asked about upcoming Father’s Day this summer, he told People, “I wish it was celebrated like Mother’s Day. I mean, really…who’s opening doors for me?” Hmm, I think I know exactly how he wishes it were being celebrated.

Gallery Info: Usher and his son Usher Raymond V play by the ocean.