Usher Has An Album, A Fragrance And A Baby Boy On The Way

September 26th, 2007 // 9 Comments

Everything’s coming up roses for Usher. He’s got all these new projects, plus his gold-di….I mean wife is giving him a son. A son to carry on the Usher dynasty of shirt-ripping and sweat and slight homophobia and marrying older chicks who want you for your millions. Here’s pics of Usher from the party for the launch of his fragrance called “Vagina Hypnotized”. Actually, they’re called “Usher: She” and “Usher:He”. I was just being real for a second.

When asked what he is looking forward to most about being a new dad, Usher, 28, said his desires are pretty basic.

“I just want my son to fully be coherent and to be healthy, first and foremost,” he told PEOPLE at the USHER for Men and USHER for Women fragrance launch party at Cipriani in Manhattan.

“I’ve found that it is a step-by-step process. You can wish for a million and one things. But I hope that my son has the same energy I had as a child,” Usher said. “Hopefully, he won’t be as bad as me. I hope that he’s just a healthy son.”

Usher’s new album is almost finished, too. He looks happy. What the hell is Martha Stewart doing up in there? Does she need some scent? Everyone’s got the scent going on nowadays. It must be really lucrative. Who is buying these scents? I would be kinda embarrassed to buy a celebrity fragrance down at the CVS. Wait, is Martha releasing a fragrance? “Ex-Con Homemaker”.


More photos (Usher, Beyonce, Martha Stewart, Tameka Foster, Gayle King, and Liya Kebede) from Usher’s fragrance launch are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. cj

    J –the scent actually smells nice. My daughter was accosted by a clerk at Dillards who doused her w/ the fragrance. I was about to call Gloria Allred until I realized the aroma was really quite lovely. Who knew?

  2. peachpie

    are you SURE usher’s married to a woman? lady looks like a dude!

  3. yeah!

    Usher married a “Freak in the Bed!”

  4. Cat

    It’s right what you’ve said “GOLD DIGGER!” then maybe a wife if that. Spending mostly his money, what does she have than the baby?

  5. stolidog

    it’s so sad when a homo is homophobic.

  6. Whoa! Is that thing in the gray dress his wife???

    Lord son! You are loaded and apparently talented, reach a little higher than that trannequin!

    Momma Usher was right to cry BS on that one!!!

  7. nastybugger

    I don’t know who the woman is in that last pic, but she looks like a darker-skinned Katie Holmes.

    and if that’ her real hair, it’s GORGEOUS.

  8. nastybugger that is Liya Kebede. She’s a model. And I’m sure that’s her real hair.

  9. nastybugger

    Thanks, Baby Girl. she is quite beautiful…IMO, more so than the “most beautiful woman in the world”, angelina jolie.

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