Usher Enjoys Big Fun In A Mini Cooper Even As Album Leaks

The single life agrees with R&B singer, Usher, who recently explained to Access Hollywood, “My New Year’s resolution is just to let go of the things in the past and accept those things that are new.”

And he appears to be doing just that as he travels through St. Barthelemy in the French West Indies in a Mini Cooper. The crooner’s ex-wife, Tameka Foster, appears to be the furthest thing on his mind as he makes his way from a yacht en route to a party.

His vacation has included star-studded parties and various luxurious modes of transportation. However, one speed bump along the way has appeared. Usher’s sixth and newest album, Raymond Vs Raymond has leaked to the Internet, prior to its scheduled European release in March and US release in February. But don’t you fret, little one, Mama Usher will save the day.