Usher Doesn’t Appreciate His Fans

July 19th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Wow, you go to all this trouble to create a site proclaiming your worship of some stringbean dumbass and then he turns on you when you say something about his personal life. Usher and his reps have gone after the head of one of his biggest fan sites. That’s nice. Howabout everyone boycotts your next concert?

Erika Jackson, webmaster of, tells TMZ that she’s been hit with a full-scale legal blitz from a tag-team of both Usher’s personal lawyer and his label’s lawyers, and claims that the trouble started earlier this year when she refused to turn her site — the self-proclaimed “biggest Usher site” on the Internet — into a sanitized official site. (The legal threats were first reported by the New York Daily News.)

More on Usher’s website issues after the jump.

Not long after, says Jackson, the lawyers tried to bring the hammer down on her, demanding that she “assign the url” to LaFace Records, Usher’s label, because it might confuse fans into thinking that it had an affiliation to Usher. Jackson points out that other sites — like and — that are closer in name to the singer — haven’t been accused of being “confusing.”

Yeah, what about THAT? Why has this one confused their asses so much? Ungrateful sacks of shit. Ms. Jackson if you nasty has said she will go to court with Usher if necessary. When you fire your moms and start dating your stylist or whoever that shovel is, people are gonna talk! You’re a celeb! This is what goes on, dumbass!

By J. Harvey

  1. jamie

    he is RIDICULOUS! he doesnt appreciate his fans! i will NEVER buy another of his cds.

  2. mel

    HIS FANS A BUNCH OF SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bob Reilly

    Dumbass negressa!

  4. Bunny

    Usher is a self-absorbed asshole. Who gives a fuck what he thinks. Sounds like celed-paranoia to me!

  5. Jeezus Kristo

    Usher = pussy.

    In a few years “Usher” will be an “Usher” at that snotty French restaurant down the road from my flat.

  6. Usher

    Jeezus Kristo; I’m sorry to tell yout his, but you should be able to figure it out for yourself. He’ll be living large in 10 years, while the rest of us will be lucky to earn in a week, compared what he keeps in his pocket. Sad is the state of today!

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