Usher Coaches ‘Idol’ Contestants Tonight

Usher will help the top 10 contestants tackle R&B week on tonight’s episode of American Idol. The smooth operator will release his newest album tomorrow, “Raymond vs Raymond,” and nothing bleeds publicity quite like a guest appearance on Idol. The top ten will choose from a list of 125 R&B hits to perform tonight, running the gamut of contemporary R&B to Motown to disco hits.

Usher certainly knows his stuff when it comes to the genre. The singer has been at the forefront of R&B music for years now, and even heads Us Records, his label, which represents his protege Justin Bieber. So basically, he knows how to shape raw teenage talent into pure stardom, a perfect fit for the idols.

Pictured, Usher performed live on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ to promote his new album in New York today.

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