Usher’s Wife Keeps Him On A Short Leash

Uh oh, is that dog Usher’s walking a female? He better be careful, because his wife, Tameka Foster, doesn’t approve of him fraternizing too much with the opposite sex. She recently gave singer Keri Hilson (who wrote Britney Spears’ single “Gimme More”) a hard time during a video shoot. Usher hand-picked the songwriter/performer to take on the role of love interest for his “Love in the Club” music video.

According to a source that dished to Page Six, “It was supposed to be a sexy video shoot. And Tameka was there the entire time guarding like a watchdog.” Tameka’s insecurities became apparent when she reportedly dressed Keri poorly and had her use the same hairdresser as the one provided to the extras.

But Keri shouldn’t take the treatment too personally, as Foster has also driven a wedge between Usher and his long-time choreographer, Jamaica, banning her from the set of the video shoot. And it seems that Tameka’s behavior might be taking its toll on the relationship, as a witness reported that the married couple barely spoke to one another when they were spotted at the Beverly Hills Hotel recently.

I bet Usher’s abs aren’t smiling, which is sad because usually they’re so happy.


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