Usher Shows Off Sick Six Pack For Men’s Health

Shirtless Usher
Take it off, good sir.
R&B superstar Usher covers Men’s Health’s 25th anniversary issue showing off his incredible six pack. Usher underwent rigorous boxing training to play retired boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard in the upcoming film Hands Of Stone.

“What he did as a boxer is no different from what I do as a dancer. I train like an athlete every day, believe it or not,” the 34-year-old told the November issue of US Men’s Health.

“My commitment to this character demands that I not only physically get ready, but also become him. The hair, the personality, the manner he conducts himself in, all that. He’s an incredible man,” he said. 

“Sugar Ray Robinson said the most potent weapon in boxing is rest. Now I realize you can’t push yourself all the way. You have to pull back a little bit,” he explained.

Usher’s dedication to transforming himself into the character has pushed him physically further than he’s ever gone before. On top of daily boxing lessons, Usher’s been cycling 10 miles each way to his Atlanta gym. “Mentally, I’m the type of person who can ignore the pain. Put it somewhere else and allow my body to just go there. But I always suffer.”

Hands of Stone co-stars Robert De Niro and Ryan Kwanten and is set to be released in 2014.

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