Useless Update: Two Lamest Celebrites Still Doing It

Looks like these two are still boning each other. Home-wrecker extraordinaire LeAnn Rimes and the always dimply, cheating son of a gun that is Eddie Cibrian are still carrying out their bizarre romance. All the love affairs aside, the thing about this couple is I really just don’t care about either of them. They both seem like extremely shitty people who I’d really not want to know in real life. Maybe if I saw them in an airport it’d be a mildly entertaining story, but barely. The vibe is just too sleazy – I’m waiting for them to hop on the reality show bandwagon or continue starring along side one another in Lifetime movies because LeAnn will be insisting she keep an eye on him. Wandering dicks have a habit of wandering again.

Good luck with that one, boo!