US X-Factor: Cheryl Cole & Nicole Scherzinger On Board?

My first thought is, “Oh, Derek Hough, what have you got yourself into?” That’s because he’s dating UK songstress Cheryl Cole, but was partnered with former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger on Dancing With The Stars. So now these two ladies are about to team up with Simon Cowell on his US version of the hit show X Factor!

A source has revealed to the UK’s Daily Mail that Cole’s move to American shores is confirmed, saying, “It’s something that Simon and Cheryl have been discussing for months. You know, it’s a very exciting prospect for everyone involved to have Cheryl on board.” As you can see, the two are chummy and get along great on the show and she surely is appreciative of the boost in her career that her position on the judges panel has given her.

Apparently the plan
is for her to debut on the show here and then launch her US music career. We’ll see how that goes what with her terribly thick accent.

And Cowell warmed up to Scherzinger after she filled in during the X Factor auditions in the UK. The show is set to premiere next year and directly compete with American Idol!