U.S. Open Sees Stars

August 28th, 2007 // 14 Comments

It was probably almost as much fun to scour the stands for celebrities in the crowd, as much as it was for the audience to watch the action taking place on the court at the U.S. Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Janet Jackson was in attendance, along with what I’m guessing is her mother, or some other Jackson family member who is afflicted with their clearly predominant bad plastic surgery gene. Christie Brinkley showed up, looking like a hot piece with her trademark California beach-babe good looks. Meanwhile, Aretha Franklin confused me because I initially saw the picture of skinny Star Jones as a thumbnail side-by-side and thought I was checking out a before and after situation. I LOVE Aretha and revere her as the Goddess of Soul that she is, but seriously, I’m nervous for her health! Also, Venus Williams, who recently launched a clothing line of her own, was looking very legtastic on the court in her little tennis outfits, which always keep me entertained.


More photos (Janet Jackson, Star Jones, Miss Teen USA, Anna Wintour, Christie Brinkley and more) from the first day of the U.S. Open are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. MardiGras

    Poor Aretha looks like the Goddess of Soul FOOD.

    And that woman with Janet Jackson looks like something that was recently unearthed from The Mummy’s Tomb.

  2. sandy

    That picture looks like “Who’s Got the Worst Nose?”
    You have the pig snout, the chopped off, the overly reduced, the huge, the too-wide….

    I love Aretha. I think if she is healthy, who cares if she is fat? 80% of American adults are overweight.

  3. LoRider

    Wow, you guys need bigger thumbnails if you are going to keep using pics of Aretha.

    Ride Wide, er, Lo

  4. maren8

    What the hell is Common doing at the US Open?

  5. Jro

    I think the corpse with Janet is her sister Rebe.

  6. girly

    Uh, looks like Common is doing the same thing Janet is-watching a tennis match. Billy Jean King, we get it. You’re a lesbian, but why does lesbian = always looking a hot damn mess. Stop it with the man suits and mock turtlenecks in AUGUST! It’s just ugly.

  7. sandy

    I just realized that was Phylicia Rashad in that goofy-ass outfit and crazy-ass hair. What is she trying to do? A really bad Diana Ross imitation??

  8. MyComment

    The woman with Janet is NOT her mother, have you ever seen a picture of her mother? it’s just a google away… Anyway, it might be Reebie (Think Centipede)

    Aretha. Oh. My. God.

    Common = My Baby Daddy.

  9. kk

    I think that other women is her sister latoya jackson

  10. Kiara

    OMG…Rebbie?! Her mom?!!! Her name is FRAN! she’s her stylist…wOw…

    & Janet looks GREAT!

  11. OMG…Rebbie?! Her mom?!!! Her name is FRAN! she’s her stylist…wOw…

    & Janet looks GREAT!

  12. JennMSU

    billie jean king looks like janet reno, eeesh.

  13. whoa

    by the gods… Common is a tasty treat. look at those freckles… purrrrrr….

  14. declanium

    haha! check out the puss on that teenaged boy next to Christie Brinkley – I recognize that the one to whom she is talking is her son, but who is the gaper?

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