Urgent And Horrifying News: No ‘Anchorman 2′

No more Pleasure Town for Ron Burgundy. The slow moving Anchorman sequel has come to a full stop.

Adam McKay, who was planning on penning the script with Will Ferrell (out with his matching son in December)  tweeted “So bummed. Paramount basically passed on ‘Anchorman 2.’ Even after we cut our budget down. We tried.”

I like his tactic. Pressure the studio by creating an uprising among the masses. After many responses he added, “To all who asked: no we can’t do ‘Anchorman 2′ at another studio. Paramount owns it.”

After the original cast came on board for the sequel, even cutting down their salaries to make our dreams come true, it’s still a no go, which boggles my mind.  The best I can do is a consolation prize while we pour out a little from our martinis.

Enjoy some clips from Wake Up, Ron Burgundy, the DVD of outtakes from the original (and now only) after the jump.