Upcoming Horror Film ‘The Collection’ Kicks Off Los Angeles’ Screamfest [PHOTOS]

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Things we love about Fall…pumpkin spice lattes, the crisp autumn air and the brutally awesome movies that await at Screamfest 2012 in Los Angeles. Ever since Screamfest gave birth to the phenomenon of Paranormal Activity, the bar has been put scary high to shock and frighten American audiences.  The event began with the action-packed, gore fueled full length feature film, The Collection (a sequel to the 2009 horror flick, The Collector).

At the premiere, the Red Carpet event infused itself with the blood-soaked theme of the night and gave spotlight to stars Josh Stewart and Emma Fitzpatrick. We got a chance to speak with them, as well as the dark humored director, Marcus Dunstan and screenwriter, Patrick Melton before the film began. Marcus Dunstan boomed with playful energy, which showed off the passion he felt toward his craft.

I had to wonder, “What was his favorite scary movie?”

He replied, “Suspiria. It showed me that even horror and violence can be beautiful.”

With the budget for this movie five times the amount of the original movie, money probably cant buy happiness but it can buy some decked out equipment to make even the most torturous scenes a cinematography of pure art. A notion that stays evident in his films due to the twisted sense of direction Dunstan created within The Collector and Saw franchises. Also, we gained insight on where the original story line came from.

Screenwriter, Melton said, “The inspiration for the movie came from when I was in film school and I had to a short film. And we were thinking, what would happen if we had this thief and he was burglarizing some house and it happened to be Michael Myers house and then Michael Myers came home?”

Yeah, the thief probably should of thought first if the juice was worth the squeeze. In this case, when the juice is from you’re own bloodshed…not so much. While some will argue this is another torture tinged Cirque du Soleil, we think The Collection killed it. This blood feast was a buffet of grimy surprise, violent allure and we’re still hungry for more.