Unless This Is Really Well Done Photoshop, Jennifer Anistion And John Mayer Are A Real Thing

April 30th, 2008 // 15 Comments

Score one for the Mayer!

By Michael Prieve

  1. SweetSoprano

    It looks photoshopped to me. Total cut and paste job. Look at him. The poses are way too awkward and it just looks like he was super-imposed into the pictures of Jen. I call bullshit.

  2. Stewie

    She needs to steal Pitt back.

  3. WildGuy

    Their pictures on a magazine cover … the relationship is already over. (I think Jen hates to have her men get pictured with her, or steal/share her press time.)

  4. Rosa

    Good for Jen! I too will date hotter younger men after getting rid of a cheating cad like balding, constipated looking aging brad Pittiful. That’s what liberated matured women does after a divorce, they live without rushing into another disastrous marriage. She had the best of brad, 7yrs, now she’s having the time of her life. You go Jen, enjoy life.

  5. mel

    Complete photoshop, the angles are all wrong, plus look at the size of his face compared to hers and he is supposed to be behind her – why do mags do this sort of bullshit!!!

  6. wildflower509

    Good to see Jen enjoying her stay in our State; a handsome, YOUNG man helps make it more so!! I totally agree with the one who posted how Brad (44 y/o) is showing his age FAST! Guess all those wicked sex toys he’s into with his “partner” is wearing him down and out.

  7. say what?

    wildflower, moreso than the sex toys would be the constant traveling and having 4 children under the age of 7. (with one and possibly two on the way) Plus, add to that his (allegedly) exhausting schedule of filming, and there you have the Pitt we see today…one that aged about 15 years over the past four.

    and I doubt it’s photoshop. check out the In Touch website. they have a couple of other pics that seem real to me.

  8. Lydia

    Could 2 more boring people possibly have hooked up? They’re perfect for each other — one is blander than the other. So glad that Brad dropped the dead weight!

  9. T-Bone

    So glad JENN dropped the dead weight of Brad Pitt. His fame and looks are fading real fast, while Jenn just keeps making millions doing movies, and looking better and healthier every year! Good for her.

  10. green cardigan

    I used to love Jenn, but I’m tired of her. Nothing but rom coms, sunbathing, the same hairdo since 1990, her bod, Courtney and David, therapy and blah blah blah…….it’s the same old ding dong since year dot. She hit a winning streak when she started on Friends and she never diverted from it,; Boring.

    Give me Amy Winehouse anyday !

  11. btchyspice

    more importantly, in divorce shocker news, what exactly did star find out??!?! now that’s news!

  12. Hollene

    I call B.S. too. There is no American male Lite Rock singer with a cranium THAT large, not in actuality. His head looks like The Kurgan from Highlander, too big to be human. Russian immortal villain maybe, but not human.

  13. gojira

    She needs to start wearing one of those “I’ll Have Your Baby, Brad” shirts.

  14. BK

    I just want to know why it looks like there’s a giant snake crawling over John Mayer’s shoulder. I couldn’t care less who he dates.

  15. anonymous

    Why anyone would want to bang that self-absorbed, shallow, talentless, has-been is beyond me. Well, another “star” notch for John’s bedpost.

    Can’t stand the truth?

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