United 93

Is anyone really ready for this movie? I know I’d rather not relive the emotions of 9/11 again.

What bothers me the most about a film about this flight is that there is so much that we don’t know about what happened on board that plane, that there will be the use of huge creative licenses here, which will be used to punctuate for dramatic affect. I’d really not rather see what the producers and writers think that the people on board flight 93 went through.

In 90 minutes, director Paul Greengrass reconstructs the violent, unspeakable horror onboard the fourth hijacked plane – and how the 33 passengers and seven crew members summoned astonishing courage when it mattered most. It’s an emotionally draining film that some might shun while others question the need for such detailed yet improvised devotion to a day of blood-soaked terror and loss.

But Greengrass is unapologetic.

“One of the reasons why ‘United 93′ exerts such a powerful hold on our imaginations is precisely because we don’t know exactly what happened,” Greengrass says in press materials for the film. “Who among us doesn’t think about that day,” he asks, “and wonder how it must have been and how we might have reacted?”

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