United 93

April 21st, 2006 // 53 Comments

Is anyone really ready for this movie? I know I’d rather not relive the emotions of 9/11 again.

What bothers me the most about a film about this flight is that there is so much that we don’t know about what happened on board that plane, that there will be the use of huge creative licenses here, which will be used to punctuate for dramatic affect. I’d really not rather see what the producers and writers think that the people on board flight 93 went through.

In 90 minutes, director Paul Greengrass reconstructs the violent, unspeakable horror onboard the fourth hijacked plane – and how the 33 passengers and seven crew members summoned astonishing courage when it mattered most. It’s an emotionally draining film that some might shun while others question the need for such detailed yet improvised devotion to a day of blood-soaked terror and loss.

But Greengrass is unapologetic.

“One of the reasons why ‘United 93′ exerts such a powerful hold on our imaginations is precisely because we don’t know exactly what happened,” Greengrass says in press materials for the film. “Who among us doesn’t think about that day,” he asks, “and wonder how it must have been and how we might have reacted?”

Ninety minutes of raw emotion [NYDN]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Alyson

    No one should make a dime off of this stunt. I’m really hoping the plan is to recoup their expenses only and turn over every other penny to the 9/11 Fund. But somehow I don’t think that’s what they have in mind……

  2. jackie

    disgusting. what a sad state we live in today for this movie to have been allowed to happen.
    something so personal and tragic.

  3. Barrett

    Just a question to American readers, is the problem with the movie because 9/11 occured on American soil? I am not asking to be a dick. But we shell out money to see movies about Rawandan genocides, Vietnam war and other issues around the world. We have no problem making movies, taking liberties with facts and in a sense profit from other atrocities but why does this cause a problem?

    From early reviews the movie seems to be done tastefully. So whats the problem?

  4. TP

    This material was already covered (and very well, I might add) last month on A&E. They did a solid docu-drama with actual interviews with the families and friends of those onboard. It was very well done. Not sure why it needed to be made into a full-blown movie, unless ALL proceeds are going to the families of those who lost their lives.

    Kind of sad that all those who lost their lives now have actors playing them as they lose their lives. Creepy. I won’t see it in a movie theater. It’s too personal.

  5. mg

    Barrett – well said. Americans (and I am one of them) can dish it, but can’t take it — not that this movie is “dishing it” to anyone. But you know what I mean. I agree with the others though – it’s too soon, and I certainly won’t watch it. And finally, yes, some of the profits are being given to some kind of charity.

  6. whatevr

    Not going to see it. It wouldn’t be the truth anyway. 9/11 was an inside job.

  7. hmmm

    The families of the victims from the flight wanted this movie to be made. They support the movie. And I don’t see why I shouldn’t go watch it.

  8. Alyson

    Barrett: Well put, and valid. I don’t think it’s necessarily that it happened on our soil, although I wouldn’t discount that as a contributing factor. For me the difference is proximity (chronologically as well as geographically) and insight. Films about past conflicts are historically viable. Though not entirely accurate, they give people like you and me, who didn’t live in that generation, emotional insight into what went on. And films about current situations in other countries shed a much-needed light on crises that don’t get the focus that they deserve in our country.

    But this? Has anyone forgotten? Is there a generation gap yet? Not unless someone’s planning on taking their eight year-old to see it. That’s where it deviates for me…rather than placing a wound where there wasn’t one before, it’s just opening one that’s barely begun to heal.

  9. jennifer

    I have to agree and say that it is so wrong to capatilize off of the events on that day… Hollywood should be ashamed of this one.

  10. courtney

    i will not go see this movie…people are going to make money off of this tragedy (how american of them) – but i wont be contributing to that. and i agree with what “whatevr” said…i believe it is a big conspiracy and an inside job. our administration probably planned it so that they could go to war with anybody….but thats another story…this is just in bad taste…i wont see this movie

  11. supporter

    barrett said it best. i’m tired of people thinking they are so patriotic just by flying the american flag. yes it is a personal thing, but at the same time, like hmmmm said, the families of the victims want this out there. so it’s not really americans like yourselves place to place criticism on something you don’t know the whole truth about.

  12. ravenswing

    I can’t say this about everything posted here…but … brilliantly put.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. And hell, I’m Canadian.

    Thumbs up for say what you did, friend

  13. Brooklyn

    Sorry but so what that the families want it out there? Do family members of 9/11 victims now dictate all things social and political in the US now. Criticizing a ridiculous movie does not make you 1. unpatriotic and 2. insensitive to the families/friends of those who died. I am so sick of the trump card being I lost someone that day. We all loss someone or something.
    The movie is ridiculous! But in all fairness it is no more ridiculous than any other nonsense out there. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bush administration is quietly hoping that this will stir up another round of Uber patriotism and thereby drum up support for the debacle of a war that we are “waging” in Iraq.

  14. Girly Girl

    Never forget.

    That needs to mean more than a meaningless holiday for our kids 20 years for now (Memorial Day, Pearl Harbor, etc.)…

    If this movie can serve to teach what happened- and really, what those 40 people did for every one of us- then its worth it.

    But I only advocate it because the families do. If they were upset, I’d boycott it FOR them… 9/11 is a national story, a national trauma, but the loss to those families is very very personal…

  15. krystyn

    actually, if any of you bothered to look into this, all family members gave the approval to make this movie.

    also, a lot of the characters in the film, like the air traffic guys and such, are actually playing themselves. No actors.

    So, if you’re not ready, don’t go see it.

  16. jp

    so, to supporter, people are patriotic and, do YOU know the truth? the whole truth and nothing but? it’s not just about flying a flag, its what’s felt
    about being an american.

  17. Maddyboy

    Does anyone know how much of this film is based on 100% factual information v. the use of creative license? Just curious.

    This event was undoubtedly tragic. I hope this movie is based on just the flight and doesn’t try to simplify 9/11 into a “terrorists hate freedom” type of message.

  18. Kim B.

    I agree with Barrett, well put. If the families of the victims want the story told, then so be it. I think it should be told like any other tragic story.

  19. mf

    there are so many movies about how america’s at fault and how the victim’s somehow deserved this because they were american, or how the jews caused it or how terrorists are the real victims, that frankly, i’m happy to see a film, that’s essentially a documentation about what happened instead of some pontificated political stance on why.

    i lived through 9/11 and i’m NOT offended by this movie, but i’m VERY offended by syriana and others that imply we got what we deserved. nobody seems to mind that.

  20. Blah

    I support this film if only because it gives an example of what to do if one’s plane is hijacked. I am not criticizing those who perished on the other planes in any way, because only the flight 93 passengers knew what had happened at the WTC and the Pentagon and, consequently, what would likely happen to their plane. No other hijackings in history had ever turned out this way.

    Now the world has changed, and I am actually glad that henceforth any fool or monster who tries something like this will face an angry, violent mob.

  21. Martha

    mf – I am in complete agreement with you. There are no words that can describe the emotions that people experienced after they heard the news of 9/11. As those memories begin to fade it is important to rekindle the pain, heartache and disbelief if for no other reason than to honor those who lost their lives.

  22. Lynn

    This type of film (about a recent tragic event) usually becomes a Made-for-TV movie. I’m curious why this one is on the big screen other than money. Certainly if it were for exposure, being on a major network would yield more.

    Does anyone know how much the families are being paid?

  23. The Mav

    mg, don’t talk for me. I’m not seeing this piece of trash because it is in bad taste. No one knows what happened on board. Also what about the other three planes? Are they relegated to the trash heep?

    What’s next, a trashy movie on the Madrid and London subway bombings?

  24. cynde

    i lived minutes from where that plane went down. my ex, a state cop, assisted the fbi at the scene. i have no desire whatsoever to experience that again.

  25. Bombshell

    America needs to own up to its role in inciting the 9/11 tragedy.

    We have killed and pillaged so many and have our hands in so many international affairs that this was bound to happen.

    Also, most other countries experience this kind of tragedy but we don’t make as much of a big deal.

    Are Americans not supposed to be subject to attacks on their soil? The Israelis and Palestinions deal with it everyday.

    I love how Americans want to play the martyr now. No, we started this shit and the government is repsponsible for these people dying. And the government knew about this attack. I am a native New Yorker and I am pissed as hell. But I am also pissed at Rwandan children being raped and torured in the millions.

    Americans after 9/11 have joined the rest of the world’s suffering. We are no longer exempt and thank God for that. Why should we be?

  26. Blah

    Thanks for your input, Mr. Zarqawi.

  27. Jackson

    Bombshell, I don’t believe you’re a native New Yorker. All of your references to Americans are in the third person – actual Americans don’t use that syntax.

    Nice try……

  28. megs

    personally i don’t think everyone will completely be ready for this.
    i mean i cried at pearl harbor b/c of the events that happened and i wasn’t even alive for that event.
    everyone should be entitled to their opinion, and see it if they want or not. if the families are ready for it, i would have to say they are top on the list of importance in that department.
    i saw a documentary on flight 93, and it was very tastefully done. i understand some will be fiction, but i heard they’re going to use the blackbox recordings to write most of the script.
    should be interesting

  29. grace

    Jackson, many Americans talk about themselves in the third person, especially when they want to speak generally. That’s not really a way to distinguish if a person is American or not. (But nice try.. ha)

    Anyway, I agree, for the most part, with Bombshell, although I do see 9/11 as a terrible tragedy, as are the other horrific events that occur worldwide.

  30. Bombshell

    I am American as they come. I pay taxes, I work hard in this country and I sure as hell resent that this president that so many of you voted for led us to this situation.

    Granted, old American policy towards Israel is what got us in this mess. Israel received the #1 Internationl Aid from the US. What do they use it for? To continue their notorious war with the Palestinians. I choose no sides in this affair – as a matter of fact, I say Israel and Palestine are none of our business. And now we are paying for sticking our nose into it. I am sick of it.

    Now we want to go to war with Iran. Iran! Do you know how notorious they are? How can we win this and under what pretext are we going to fight Iran?

    Anyway, all I am saying is there were millions who just died in a Pakistani earthquake, there is Rwanda, wem have the Servs, we had so many other times when people around the world are subject to awful disasters, killings and war and we Americans look the other way.

    9/11 is proof that no human being is exempt from war, destruction and ill fate. We are so pompous in this country thinking we are invincible. Then when we criticize our government for getting us in this mess, we are not considered “American enough” like this idiot above who did not think I was American.

    American is having the right to say our government screwed us on 9/11. They screwed us. They knew how to stop this and they did not. They could of captured Bin Laden years ago and did not. They were in bed with him and his Saudi billionaires. I am angry as hell at this.

    I am angrier though at our arrogance and this cocky feeling as if we are the only ones that should not experience tragedy.

  31. girl.

    I saw a movie tonight, “Silent Hill”, mind you, and “Flight 93″ was one of the previews.
    I personally think it’s too soon for this sort of capitalism on an American tragedy. I think it’s messed up that Americans are saying on here that 9/11 was justified and deserved.
    I don’t agree with the war, I don’t agree with Bush, but I thank God I live in America. And if you don’t, get the hell out. You sit here, and take advantage of the freedoms this country gives you, and you bitch about it.
    It’s disgusting.

  32. itsallahoaz

    I don’t kow what you all are whining about, there was no flight 93 that crashed – it was tucked away at a secret location – it NEVER happened!
    9/11 was a planned demolition – a cover up by YOUR gov’t.
    And you suckers are falling for it just they knew you would.

  33. Jackson

    An earthquake in Pakistan is not remotely equivalent to fanatic freaks commandeering planes to slam into office buildings.

    Iran is building an arsenal of nuclear weapons – but of course that can’t hurt anyone, right?

    Rwanda is a horrible tragedy which Rwandans are inflicting upon their own people – put that responsibility where it belongs.

    You complain about America whether we get involved or not, so your attitude is consistently contradictory.

    “Wem have the Servs” – that needs a translation.

  34. Bombshell

    I am saying in terms of sheer numbers, there are countries that have seen casualties in the MILLIONS but we look the other way and say nothing. Yet, when it happens to Americans, we get soooo upset, how dare other people hurt us? So because we were attacked, the 10,000 or so people who died on 9/11 are more valuable than the over 20,000 who died in the Pakistan earthquake right?

    God how ignorant, cocky, and full of it. This is why so many in the rest of the world hate us and are willing to hurt us at any cost – because we are Arrogant and think American lives are more precious than those of the rest of the world.

    America is a country where you are allowed to speak your mind. And now since 9/11 speaking your mind against the government is seen as anti-American.

    Being American used to be about having dignity, standing up for something and exercising our freedoms. Now it is about fear. I love people who say if you don’t like it, get out. I don’t like it and I am staying here and demanding that this freakin’ government stop covering up stuff.

    They were dancing with the devil and are part of the reason for 9/11 – why can’t they fess up? Bush was playing footsie with the Saudis for years and now they threw it in his face. What a careless jerk he and his entire family.

  35. Bombshell

    I am not saying anyone but the Rwandans are responsible for that genocide. I am saying the casualties were in the millions and we did not care. We did NOTHING. Yet if it were American lives – God forbid!

    By the way, I voted for Clinton and supported him yet I condemn him for his attitude towards Rwanda. So I see both sides. As Clinton ignored Rwanda, Bush ignored every opportunity to rectify the terrorist problem before 9/11.

    Iran : Yeah I guess they have Weapons of Mass Destruction like Iraq, huh?

    No wonder 6 well respected Generals have asked for Rumsfeld to step down. How anti American of those generals, huh? Maybe they should move out of the country? How dare they after having dedicated their entire lives to protecting us demand that Rummie step down? How un American.

    Get a grip people, Bush and his fools knew about 9/11 and did nothing! Bunch of crooks.

  36. Brangeina Fan


    Suri Cruise is an alien.

  37. lucrece

    Great posts Bombshell!! and Brangeina fan you’re fucking wicked!!! ahahah!!!

  38. anonymous

    bombshell before you go flapping your mouth, and don’t get me wrong i’m not a fan of bush and was a fan of clinton…clinton’s administration were the ones sitting on the 9/11 information.

    as for americans caring about 9/11, i’m sorry but that’s self-explanatory. as awful as other world events are, it is easier to feel more sympathy for the u.s. b/c so many people lost loved ones. no other country cares about us, so why should we care about them as our top priority?

    and as for iran, if you don’t know anything about it, then don’t say anything about it. we have found multiple nuclear weapons, and they are a huge risk right now.

    i think you are truly an ignorant person, and for being such a self-proclaimed american, you prove to be quite the contrary.

  39. Brittany

    i think it is way to early for a movie

  40. Bombshell

    Thanks Anonymous on your dissertation on Iran. Tell that to the Six Generals who denounce our military involvements right now.

    And yes, please throw a launching party for our new “2006 War In Iran!” Enjoy people. Make sure your 18 year old lower socioeconomic kids sign up to fight the Iranians. We have a world to conquer. No time to sit idle. Yippeee!

    True Ignorance is “them folks” who don’t want to blow “them foreigners’ brains out”. Let’s hear it for being American.

    Clinton and 9/11 huh? Does George Bush Senior and his extra-marital affair with the Saudis ring a bell? May I refocus your attention on Exhibit #1: Michael Moore’s Fahreinheit 911.

    Now that’s a film doing service to those who died.

  41. Blah

    *watches with mild bemusement as the nice NSA guy who has been monitoring this board bursts into Bombshell’s living room*

    You know, Bombshell, you do have a say in what becomes of the US’s situation in the world – we all do as Americans (speaking to Yanks for the moment). There is never any need to resort to violence – in fact, NON-violence has yielded great progress on major issues over the past 50 years.

    I don’t believe most Americans believe that they are the only ones who don’t deserve to suffer, as you suggested – it’s simply a matter of awareness. And there are far better ways of raising public awareness than by the person asking for sympathy to their causes planting bombs or otherwise destroying the lives of those whose sympathy or cooperation they are seeking.

    If you are an American, VOTE. Contribute to (nonviolent!) organizations that support the same causes you do. Become active in the political party you support. You have a say in the process.

    If you’re lying and you AREN’T American, Bombshell, you still have a say. You can still protest, you can still write, you can still join (nonviolent!) organizations promoting change, you can still urge your own government to support those changes.

  42. Bombshell

    Blah: I vote. I live in California as a matter of fact and on May 1st, I will be out with the thousands of Mexicans to put a freeze to California as we demand better immigration laws for thousands of workers that are here in the US doing shit jobs for us Americans.

    I also have written letters to South Dakota regarding their unprecedented ban on abortion.

    Funny, to hear you people make jokes as if I am not American.

    Being American means passion and social responsibility.

    9/11 was an atrocity fueled by Bush Senior and of course by our decades old policy toward Israel/Palestine.

    I also say as I have said before we are not the first nor the last nation to suffer atrocities.

    The Jews have lost millions – in our lifetime.

    So have the Muslims.

    Americans, unlike other nations, have had 2 – count it TWO attacks on their soil. We attack other people’s soil all the time.

    Did we not think for once that our violence towards other countries was going to come back and shoot us in the foot?

  43. Dorothy

    Seriously? Let’s never ever use Michael Moore as a substantiating authority figure again. Michael Moore, however he spins it, goes for shock value and revenues, just like every other American. If you’ve looked at all the same materials he has and come to the same conclusion, fine.

  44. Dick Cheney's Rifle

    bowling for columbine, fahrenheit 9/1, roger and me: awesome flicks.

    michael moore is the man. a director with guts. just what hollywood needs and is lacking.

    fuck bush.

  45. Dick Cheney's Rifle

    ^^^faherenheit 9/11 – sorry liberals are bad at spelling but good at peace.

  46. Venom

    Whats the big deal? It’s non-fiction anyway. They are really not gonna show the true story of what really happened (The US shot this plane down, not because it was being hijaked, but because the passenegrs were taking control of the plane) If this plane landed, the terrorists would have been interrogated, and then told the story about how 9/11 was an inside job perpetuated by our own government, to whip the country into a frenzy to invade Iraq. But how do we know what happened in on this plane? Sice cell phones are rendered useless at certain altitude…how did they get this information?

    I guess the movie is more dramatic that the truth, which was probably 33 passengers, pissing their pants and blubbering to a God who was taking a day off…much like our defense department that day

  47. matt

    YOU LIBERAL FUCKERS ARE GETTING EXTRMELY OFF TRACK. First off, Michael Moore is a terrible, neosocialist film makers so liberals get off your high horse and stop blaming the repubs because some fat ass doesnt like him. 911 was no ones fault but the terrorists that were responsible, not bush sr. not bush jr and not clinton. secondly, why are you saying un93 was too soon when fahrenheit 911 came out two years ago (as propaganda for the newbolshevik, im sorry i mean democratic party) and that movie displayed events from 911 and war on teror, yes i saw the movie and was absilutly apauled

  48. roger

    what the fuck is wrong with u people? i mean god dam, i am canadian and i have no idea why you would think a government would kill its own people? you say they wanted oil? o yeah that worked out great for you,as i hear my American friends complain day and night about their bloody oil prices. Seriously you bush bashers really need to get a fuckin clue(while I do not like Bush in any way, I certainly dont believe some of this shit, I mean godd dam)

  49. BUSH SUCKS!!

    Fahreinheit 9/11 was not too soon because it focused on dumb ass bush and congress and their lack of ability to prevent 9/11.

    This film is about the victims so it might be a little too emotional for some.

    Bush has blood on his hands. He could of prevented 9/11 – that is why I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Martha

    Roger – You crack me up. I’m reading these posts and wondering if I’m insane because I believe 9/11 actually happened. I mean, I did see the planes crash into the Twin Towers; however it was on T.V. Does that mean the government created an elaborate scheme to trick the people of New York and the surrounding areas? Or did they brain wash all of us into believing that 9/11 actually happened? Or are they paying people off in an elaborate scheme to play off the sympathies of other Americans?

    Bombshell – I don’t know how you have time to be paying taxes and working so hard when you’re posting multiple times during the “work” day. Oh, and you’re insane.

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