Underage Drinker Busted At Mood

Shown in the photo on the above right, this 17-year-old woman, and breast implant and tanning bed survivor, is thrilled about her arrest for underage drinking! Reality TV whore, Kristin Kavallari, was at the club at some point in the evening. No word on if she had consumed any of the devil’s brew while she was there.

TMZ also shot video of 19-year-old ‘Laguna Beach’ star Kristin Cavallari going into Mood, approximately two hours before the bust. Cavallari’s publicist told TMZ that his client was inside the club for five minutes, then left.

David Judaken, who owns Mood, told TMZ Thursday: “Thanks to your investigative reports, we are under investigation by several agencies.” Judaken added that since our reports authorities have complimented him on the club’s vigilance. He said the woman who was busted Thursday had an exceptionally good fake ID. He said his club has a “zero tolerance policy,” adding, “My security doesn’t even recognize celebrities or care.” It is unclear in the video if Cavallari was carded before entering.

Bust at Hot Hollywood Club [TMZ]