‘Under The Gunn’ Recap: Unconventional Beach Party

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On the latest episode of Lifetime’s Under The Gunn, Tim met the designers and their mentors out at the beach for the unconventional challenge. The designers wouldn’t even be taking a trip to Mood, but instead be using beach themed materials to create an upscale look.

Immediately Natalia decided to knit her garment together from grass skirt material and Nick decided to let go for once and put his trust in her work.

Nick has been doing better as mentor lately. Stephanie decided to use the plastic flowers from Hawaiian style leis to meld together into a gel like colorful fabric that Nick was hoping would go very chic. By the end of the episode he began to worry about her design. Natalia’s idea was pretty cool and looked like it could really go somewhere, but all that knitting seemed like she bit off more than she could chew. It ended up looking unfinished and ill fitting on her model.

Oscar, the one everyone shied away from in the beginning and are kicking themselves over it now, really struggled at first. Tim and Nick came over to give him tips and noticed that he had created two looks, but neither seemed particularly exciting. They suggested he scrap the looks, which he did, and he ended up making a couture mini dress from only straw fans. It was flawless and amazing.

Anya’s team suffered a little lately from Nicholas and his antics. Last week Anya had to babysit him for fifteen hours and his work still turned out awful. She even went so far as to pull his portfolio and question whether he had actually designed the looks in his book. He was insulted, as he should have been, but clearly cannot create very well under extreme amounts of pressure and short amounts of time. This week Anya wanted to be as supportive as possible of her designers. Shan created a short jumper that didn’t really wow, but was cute and functional. Blake created a forgettable piece and both designers landed safely in the middle this week.

Mondo’s team struggled a bit because Sam feels that Mondo was expecting too much from him and Michelle felt that Mondo wasn’t giving her much mentoring at all. One can only assume that Mondo trusts Michelle a great deal more and knows she will always pull out a decent piece, while Sam is more of a wildcard who needs guidance. He could be really great. He ended up creating a skirt from straw beach mats that hugged the high waist perfectly and then created a bikini tank from a beach chair. The judges raved over this look and awarded him both the creative bonus prize and the challenge win. This was pretty excited because he was up against Oscar and Asha’s looks, which were both contenders.

Asha created her own textile by layering beach palms and leis flowers under burlap. The fit and shape of her two piece ensemble was impeccable and one judge commented that it belonged in Europe fashion.

Michelle created a tank and skirt look out of brightly colored plastic that the judges described as looking very Judy Jetson. I thought it was different and innovative, but agree with guest judge Georgina Chapman that the skirt length needed to be more pencil like in length or more short and sexy. This landed her in the bottom with Natalia and Stephanie. Natalia was safe.

Mondo was surprised that Michelle was in the bottom and Asha in the top, a turn out that was exactly the opposite of what he predicted. Michelle ended up being safe and the judges sent Stephanie home, who just couldn’t quite get any of her designs to work. It’s a bummer because she seemed like a cool girl.