‘Under The Gunn’ Recap: The Last One To Get Picked

Heidi Flexes Her Muscles
Klum Shows Off For New Balance
She’s one of those whack-a-doos!

On the latest episode of Lifetime’s Under The Gunn, the second round of possible designers were brought before their mentors for a six hour challenge to prove they deserve to be in this competition.

Mondo and Nick still had two spots available while Anya had only one left. Nick was hoping that designers would choose him first rather than leave him out in the cold. But those damned kids chose the two hip cats Mondo and Anya all over again.

The designers are given thirty seconds to grab as much Mood fabric as they can. One designer named Amy grabbed anything in sight, leavening her with some pretty insane and drab fabrics. She is a 53-year-old mother of two grown boys and she recently went back to school and received her degree. Now she wants into the fashion world.

Asha’s portfolio worried mentor Nick because it was scattered from insane bulky clothes to prom looking dresses and didn’t have clear direction. Mondo was very impressed with her however. Mondo is the only one who seemed to understand her and chose her for his team.

Isabelle is from Brazil and spent many years as a professional skateboarder (random), but now she wants to be in fashion. She didn’t have a clear design when the mentors made their rounds and was running around frantically until the very last minute. Tim Gunn was forced to slightly raise his voice at her because she kept sewing her black dress even after time was called and all the other designers were lined up for the runway. Mondo liked her because she is, “whack-a-doo” like him. Nick chose Isabelle while Mondo worried that she may become unpredictable.

Nicholas designs menswear and hopes to be mentored by Mondo. He is very structured, chic, and organized, which all the mentors love. He ended up choosing Anya’s team when faced with a choice between mentors.

Rey has a high taste level, but tends to over design. His blue cardigan didn’t impress Nick, who said it looked like an old lady’s garb.

Sassy Sam has an attitude, but seems like a lot of fun. He designed a crazy loose cardigan in dark gray with a disheveled looking skirt. Nick found it very appealing and even picked Sam first out of the entire group. All three designers ended up requesting that he join their team, but he ultimately picked Mondo.

Stephanie is from Denver and Mondo has already gotten to know her in his hometown. She is very nervous and takes a while to figure out what she is going to do, even pushing the clock along with Isabelle. But ultimately, she busted out a great looking gray dress with wonderful draping. When it came down to the last three, Nick chose her and she was thrilled.

Amy and Rey were sent packing, but Tim Gunn reminded them that it doesn’t reflect on their talent. Amy’s dress was especially impeccable. And Rey seemed to have a unique point of view.