‘Under The Gunn’ Recap: ‘Team Challenge’

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On the latest episode of Lifetime’s Under The Gunn, the designers were given a challenge to create modern looks inspired by the new gladiator style film Pompeii starring the ever handsome Kit Harington. Then they were to create a mini collection as a group.

Anytime someone mentions the word “group” or “team” everyone has a conniption fit and passes out. Who was the drama queen this week?

Even though mentor Nick has really been screwing the pooch lately with how he is handling his group, I think we can chalk it up to nerves and bad luck. He seems like he is honestly trying, but unaware that he takes over. Class act Tim Gunn sat him down and let him know that it wasn’t cool for him to throw Isabelle under the bus, especially when everyone knew she was already being sent home. Tim worries that the other member of Nick’s group won’t trust him and the only way to gain back their trust is through actions.

With that being said, Nick didn’t hesitate to take over again after the designers were given the Pompeii challenge. Mondo still kept his laid back approach, only stepping in when he felt was absolutely necessary, and Anya kept up her well thought out advice.

Anya’s team created a mini collection that was black and white in color. Shan made a white evening gown with organza that wrapped around the top of the torso. Blake created a hooded black dress which I think he made into a sort of short palazzo pant after the mentor’s critique? And Nicholas, the ever exploring avante garde bore, decided to create a patch work diamond embellishment on the top of his flowing white blouse.

Nick’s team was in total chaos, to the point that Anya’s team thanked their lucky stars they weren’t dealing with such drama. Oscar was being a control freak and having a meltdown. Nick decided to do the right thing and back off. In the end Natalia decided to give into Oscar and go with his direction and vision. It was a great compromise.

Stephanie created a short jumpsuit in blue, with a white leather warrior collar. It was flowing and resort like. Natalia created a gown with a flowing blue bottom and structured creamy white bodice and empire waist. Oscar finished the collection with an impeccable ensemble in creamy white that was sexy, high fashion, and showed off some skin.

Mondo’s team seemed quiet this time around and worked well together. Sam created a red leather tank that showed off the midriff and he personally created a textile that looked half like flower petals dashed across white silk and half like blood spilled. He made a skirt from that and Michelle used the fabric to create a dress. Anya used the red leather to create a structured mini dress that Mondo felt was overdone. It had a braided technique at the neck and shoulders.

The judges were impressed with all three teams, but placed Anya’s team in the bottom. Mondo’s team was safe and Sam was bummed out because he wanted to get feedback on his textile. Surprisingly, Nick’s team was the winning team and they cheered when they heard the news. Nick admitted that it had really worked out better because he had backed off. Good to know he learned that lesson.

The judges loved each look in Nick’s group. They raved about Stephanie’s mini jumpsuit and praised Oscar’s impeccable sewing skills. They were impressed with his direction and vision, giving him the challenge win and $5000.

They placed Nicholas and Shan in the bottom. They didn’t like Shan’s because it reminded them of a mummy and was overdone. They didn’t like Nicholas’ work because it looked shoddy and unfinished. Ultimately, they sent Nicholas packing. Shan thanked his lucky stars and vowed to do better.

Do you think the judges got it right this week? Let us know what you think in the comments below.