‘Under The Gunn’ Recap: Rockin’ The Red Carpet Looks

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Whoa Nick, chill out bro!

On Lifetime’s Under The Gunn, the mentors have their teams chosen and ready to go. Zanna Roberts Rassi lets them know that they’ll be designing for a glamour challenge. The crew hops into a Hollywood tour bus and sees the sights. They are to create a red carpet look and the winner will have their look featured in Marie Claire and worn by a celeb.

But there is more. The winner of each challenge this season will receive $5000, all the more reason to win as many challenges as possible.

The designers are given 30 minutes to sketch. Mondo tells them to take all the time for themselves while Nick yacks and yacks, talking the ears off of his group. Sam is worried that his glam ideal won’t match what the judges are after. Mondo tells him to do it his own way, which makes him feel better.

The designers go to Mood and Camilla loses her lace and freaks out, leaving Tim befuddled. Afterward, the mentors go around and see how they can help in the design room. Nick starts taking over right away and helping Stephanie drape her green dress. He even sketches for his team, cuts and measures fabric, and shows Natalia the pattern for her dress. Mondo questions if these designers are even sending their own designs down the runway or Nick’s ideas. Tim intervenes and tells Nick to back off, but he still can’t help himself.

If you’ve been watching Project Runway, as well as the all stars season, you can tell that Tim truly loves Mondo. He has noted that he thinks Mondo was robbed during his first season and was happy that he won his all stars season. Now Tim is a proud little papa, watching Mondo act the perfect mentor to his designers. He guides them perfectly without going too far, while still offering them apt suggestions. It’s a delight to witness.

Camila’s look is supposed to be art deco, but Mondo is worried and she starts all over. Shan’s model has some serious bazungas and he is freaking out trying to fit those fun bags in his power suit.

It’s runway time and the judges are Zanna, Rachel Roy, and Jen Rade, who seems to be the snarky judge we all count on. Camila, Shan, Michelle, Sam, Blake, and Stephanie are the top and bottom designers to be questioned by the judges.

Camila’s look is like a nightgown, not much to it and unimpressive. Mondo sticks with his girl. He likes the look.

Shan’s power suit blew everyone’s mind. Or maybe it was his model’s epic tah tahs that everyone, no matter where they land on the Kinsey scale, wanted to motor boat.

Michelle’s red diamond dress was ill-fitting and bland.

Blake’s crazy cool dress would be on the fashion win or lose list and nothing in between, says Zanna.

Sam’s glitter jumpsuit is right up Mondo’s line of thinking and the judges love it. Modern, unique, and glamorous.

Stephanie’s sad green dress looks like garbage, which isn’t saying much considering the fact that Nick tweaked her design and draped it his way. Thanks for nothing, Nick.

In the end the designers chose Sam’s jumpsuit as the winner and sent Camilla packing. Mondo’s team gains a win and loses a player. Darn! Better luck next week!