‘Under The Gunn’ Recap: Isabelle’s Rage, Nick’s Betrayal

February 14th, 2014 // 2 Comments

Drama reigns supreme!

On the latest episode of Lifetime’s Under The Gunn, crazy designer Isabelle pushed everyone to the limit, injured herself, and forced the ever poised Tim Gunn to nearly freak out.

But the real problem may stem from her mentor, Nick Verreos.

The challenge was to design a stage look for young adorable pop star Zendaya. Last week, Isabelle was nearly sent home and when the judges questioned her about why her look wasn’t up to par, she told them that Nick and Tim pressured her to scrap her look and redesign another in the last ten minutes. Nick was flabbergasted by this statement. Tim was incredulous.

During the sketching portion, Mondo quietly helped his designers as needed, as did Anya. Meanwhile, Nick talked and talked and talked, which truly annoyed Isabelle and she asked him to STFU. Of course, Nick was offended by that.

Possibly the most entertaining aspect of Isabelle’s willingness to wait until the last possible minute to finish her designs, is watching Tim Gunn’s reaction when time is up and she is still sewing a shitty garment together. The man has the composure of a god. And her model certainly deserves a medal, as Tim so graciously pointed out. That girl has walked down the runway half naked for three weeks in a row. Isabelle was so rushed that she injured her finger and was bleeding on the fabric.

Oscar chose red shiny fabric, red mesh, and red sequined fabric to complete the look Nick thought would go best with Liza Minnelli. The judges found it to be well constructed, but closer to an ice skater’s costume.

Stephanie designs a futuristic outfit that is made from waxed denim, but just doesn’t make the cut. Zendaya liked her idea, but not the execution. Michelle designs an androgynous look that is essentially a body suit. Sam did a black and white number that didn’t seem to for the judges, landing him in the safe category.

Blake designed a plain white look with black straps around the midriff. The judges hated it, but Zendaya said she got where he was coming from. Nicholas’ look was black and long, with a little boob showing. He was safe as well.

It came down to Asha, who created a perfect look with black leather and a midriff showing, as well as a shirt dress. Shan made a leather jacket with an open back and fringe. Zendaya didn’t love the pants he paired with it, but she loved the jacket. In the end, Zendaya picked Asha for the winner. This is the third win in a row for Mondo’s team. And really, are any of us surprised? Mondo knows the perfect balance.

As for Isabelle, they sent her home. But before they did they asked her if Nick had been an effective mentor. She said no. He then decided to go off about how miserable it has been being Isabelle’s mentor. After all of his designers were back in the green room, they were nervous about how easily their mentor had thrown Isabelle under the bus, whether she deserves it or not. Mondo and Anya also commented about Nick’s style and their concern that he might not be as effective as he should be.

It seems like Nick suffers from a little bad luck and being unaware that he goes over the top. Hopefully he can figure it out soon because regardless of how his mentoring is going, he seems like a good and talented guy.

By Chelsi Archibald

  1. Galago

    Thank the Fahsion Gods that Isabelle is GONE!!!! Usually, the Project Runway franchise keeps the meanest and/or most problematic person around all season. They finally did “right” by us viewers by canning this ditzy bitch.

  2. rima

    The first time I saw Isabelle I knew she was going to be a pain in the ass. Also, what 40 year old FASHION DESIGNER dresses like Madeline from the story books? I mean, maybe Betsey Johnson, but, I doubt it.

    About Nick’s so called melt down, I did ‘t see it that way, Isabelle deserved much worse than than the little bit of honesty Nick gave to her.

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