‘Under The Gunn’ Recap: Fabulous Vampire Realness

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Isabelle is at it again!

On the latest episode of Lifetime’s Under The Gunn, Isabelle waited until the last minute to make a final decision and construct her gown, leaving Tim Gunn to raise his voice at her and demand that she stop what she was doing and follow the rules.

Between Nick helping out all of his designers and Isabelle sewing her model’s clothes on while they walk to the runway, these two might give Tim Gunn a heart attack!

The challenge this week was inspired by the new and exciting piece of cinema, Vampire Academy. Sarah Hyland, known for her regular role on Modern Family, showed up to promote her film. The designers were to choose from scary fabrics and accessories and unconventional materials to create a look a vampire academy student might wear.

Mondo is pretty freaked out about last week because even though one of his designers won the challenge, another one had to go home. He doesn’t know how to guide them now and Tim steps in to assist.

Anya has proven to be a great mentor. Tim noted that she knows how to separate herself from the drama and give great advice. Nick is still taking over left and right.

Isabelle starts over a couple of times and freaks out as usual. She is messing with her look as they go to runway which really pisses Tim Gunn right the hell off. Asha is upset when Michelle tells her that her look doesn’t seem to represent her and isn’t right. Asha is annoyed because Michelle doesn’t even know her and her criticism is bullshit.

Nicholas used drab brown fabric that Zanna found to be matronly. Blake designs a dress and blazer combo that are boring and nothing new. These two, along with Isabelle’s weird Lady-Gaga-gone-bad-dress are in the bottom.

The judges are very impressed with Asha’s voodoo priestess look and Michelle’s spider gown. Oscar manages to tone down his insanity for some praises too. The judges reward Michelle with a win.

They decide to send home Brady for a borefest of an outfit. Boo hoo.

By Chelsi Archibald

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