‘Under The Gunn’ Recap: Designers Pair Up To Create ‘Francesca’ Mini Collections

March 21st, 2014 // 4 Comments

Everyone’s got it out for Natalia!

In the latest episode of Lifetime’s Under The Gunn, the designers were to pair up with another designer from a separate team with a little help from the dreaded button bag. The teams were to collaborate and create a mini collection that suited the style of the Francesca’s customer. The winner would have their design put into production on the company website and would receive $5000.

The only problem of course, is that some people were not happy with who they ended up being paired with. And by some people, I mean Asha.

Blake and Sam were paired, then Shan and Oscar, which left Asha and Natalia. Asha made it known in her individual interview that Natalia was the absolute last person she wanted to be paired with. It didn’t help that her mentor Mondo does not respect Natalia and feels as though the judges are irrational in their admiration for some of her work. Mondo seems to be very protective of his team and is being a little hard on her, but clearly she doesn’t deserve as much coddling, attention, or praise as Nick and the judges seem to give  her.

At Mood, Blake chooses a dicey print fabric and it has Sam a little worried. Natalia has a million of her own ideas, but has to concede to Asha’s when they run out of time at the check stand. Later on, Asha forces Natalia to conform to her designs and only allows her one of her own, a short day dress.

Mondo warns Blake and Sam that their first efforts remind him of the house dress his grandmother wears when she makes tamales. Then he lets Asha and Natalie know that their fabric looks like nursing scrubs. Mondo seems a little arrogant these days. In the beginning he was very level headed in his mentor-ship while Nick was the crazy one who overstepped his bounds. Now Mondo seems more than willing to run the show and Tim Gunn gives him that leeway because Gunn has always had a soft spot for Mondo in his original season.

Mondo aside, Anya seems to be aligned with him as well and the two leave Nick out in the cold. Oscar and Shan’s looks were well pieced together and the two got along very well.

When the looks hit the runway, Oscar and Shan’s collection was nearly impeccable and everyone praised their fine construction. Shan had a teal blazer with a key hole in the back that everyone just loved. Oscar created a flowing resort style maxi dress that seemed effortless and able to fit almost every body type.

Sam and Blake’s looks were blue, white, and red tie dye with pops of red and black. Their collection was a close contender for best team and only slightly missed the mark. Everyone was impressed that Sam and Blake stepped out of their shells and used more color.

Unfortunately, Asha’s tunic was a disaster. The collection was disjointed and Natalia’s day dress had a messed up bust line with crooked nipples. Asha wanted to blame Natalia and throw her under the bus, but the poor girl volunteered to do it herself. Natalia said she would rather go home than ruin Asha’s chances at a win, showing that she truly was a sweetheart all along. Nick was certainly proud of her and gave her a shoulder to cry on before they sent her home.

The judges couldn’t decide who was more brilliant this week and gave Oscar and Shan both the challenge win even after Oscar pleaded for them to give it to his partner,  father-of-three-kids Shan. Both their pieces will be featured on Francesca’s website and put into production.

By Chelsi Archibald

  1. Cherie

    Asha sabotaged Natalia from the moment she was paired with her. The result of Asha’s disrespectful and mean-spirited attitude toward Natalia was that she produced the worst garments that have walked down that runway. The white tunic was atrocious, and reminded me of the skit done by Carol Burnett years ago when she grabbed the curtains off the wall and wore them in a Scarlett O’Hara parody. Mondo should be ashamed of himself for his very disrespectful treatment of Natalia. I used to respect him, but no longer. He behaved like an immature and despicable spoiled brat in the last two episodes and it is inexcusable how he talked to that young woman. Oscar is delightful and enormously talented.

  2. Jen N

    I agree with Cherie. Remember how mean Mondo was to Michael Costello the first time they worked together? The way he treated Natalia & Nick reminds me of that.

    Also, I wish Natalia had fought for herself! Asha was so condescending and acted like Natalia was dragging her down, but Natalia’s was not the only weak look on that team. Asha performed just as poorly, AND she was rude, rude, rude. Disappointing.

    • Rose K

      I agree with Cherie and Jen. ASHA SHOULD HAVE WENT HOME AND I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN Mondo I really used to like him but I think he is getting a little to full of himself and playing the part has a mentor you should never put a up and coming designer whether they are on your team or not that is not mentoring, that is just being mean and the way he spoke to Natalia was awful I wish Nick would have called him.out on it with Tim. Very disappointed with this week’s show and I really hope Oscar takes the whole thing. Rose

  3. Mondo Admirer No More

    They used to be my favs of the show, but NOT anymore.
    How dare they treat another human being with such HATEFUL behaviors and attitudes! Who made them GOD and gave them the right to judge Natalia? I remember how supportive some of Mondo’s competitors were on Project Runway after his HIV positive reveal on national television, evidently he forgot how it feels to be an underdog. Helping Natalia in a positive way may have helped boost her confidence and self esteem and help her grow not only as a designer but as an individual too. HELL, IT COULD HAVE BEEN THE CATALYST TO HELP THE DUO WIN THE CHALLENGE!
    Not once did I hear or see either of them be POSITIVE toward Natalia. They NEVER even gave her a chance, they NEVER supported Natalia’s ideas and choices, they NEVER EVEN TRIED! Obviously Asha and Mondo do NOT know there is no “I” in TEAM. How can either of them expect to work successfully in a business atmosphere where there are different tastes, styles and attitudes in the real world if they can’t even do it on the show?

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