‘Under The Gunn’ Premiere Recap: Tim Gunn’s Very Own Show

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Let the games begin!

On the season premiere of Lifetime’s Under The Gunn, our favorite fashion mentor took three Project Runway alumni and placed them over a team of up and coming designers for the ultimate fashion showdown. Mondo, Anya, and Nick will carefully choose teams of four designers whom they think they can help the most and launch them into fashion stardom.

The game starts with 15 designers but only 12 will make mentor teams. Who will mentor who?

For this episode, the mentors are starting with eight people to choose from and then another round of the last seven will continue next episode. Each designer was introduced with their back-story and the mentors were allowed to look through their portfolios. Mondo seemed really excited about Brady, a designer from Portland that Nick says designs like he is patterning after American Apparel. Anya is excited about Shan, a designer from St. Louis who is eclectic and elegant.

The designers are given six hours and a Mood bag full of six different fabrics, all with three yards a piece. There is polka dot, tiger print, black, gold lamet, and more. When the mentors come around to see how everyone is doing, Shan has already created a bomber jacket from the polka dot and red plaid. Blake Smith, a designer from Jersey, decides to only use black fabric. This worries the mentors, especially since he has little done thus far. When they get to Natalia, she is frantically grabbing for things, cutting fabric, and blabbering incoherently while explaining her designs. The mentors are concerned.

When the fashion show carries on, they find that one designer named Oscar has gone way overboard with styling and accessorizing. He has added gloves, a hat, sunglasses, a clutch, and tons of jewelry to his already crazy black and gold dress.

All three mentors request Michelle, a talented designer that seems to have it together. She chooses Mondo. Shan goes with Anya, which makes her very happy. All three mentors request Blake, but he chooses Anya. Mondo and Nick request Camila, but she chooses Mondo. At this point Nick is feeling a little embarrassed, but keeps a smile on his face. No one is choosing him! He has dressed celebrities! He teaches at the fashion institute! Doesn’t everyone know who he is!!??

Oddly enough, when it’s Portland Brady’s turn, even after all that praise and admiration, Mondo decides against requesting him for his team. Brady chooses Anya. Nick is the only one who wants Oscar-the-crazy-gloves and they make a perfect pair. The mentors have two choices left in this round and another round to follow. Mondo and Anya’s teams are nearly filled. All three mentors pass on Melissa, a sweet southern girl who made the fatal error of creating a dress in all polka dots. This dress was much nicer than Natalia’s and heads and tails above Oscar, but these jerks sent her home. I liked you Melissa!

Then comes coo-coo Natalia. The mentors are about to send her and her fugly dress packing. She gives this sob story that brings Mondo, Nick, and even Tim to tears. Mondo screams out to save her, but then Nick says he was about to save her. Anya is onto this chick’s game. She chooses Nick so she can learn more about draping.

What a roller coaster! We are only through the first episode, the first round, and the first season. What will happen next?!?