‘Under The Dome’ Star Alexander Koch Looks Very, Very Good For ‘Interview Magazine

Shirtless Logan Lerman
The actor showed off his sexier side for 'Interview Magazine'
OK, so before we start I should say that I don’t watch Under the Dome, and therefore have never been exposed to the beauty that is Alexander Koch.

But lucky for me–and you–the actor is featured in this month’s Interview Magazine and he is looking all kinds of sexy. Would you look at that bone structure.

The way his hair is perfect set. And I’m obsessed with that shirt on him. But stepping away from his looks for a second, let’s talk about Alexander. 

In his interview with the magazine, the actor talks about his hit show and how it’s changed his life. Namely, that people recognize him now.

“I get recognized more in Wilmington. The people in L.A., they mind their own business. I’m always a little worried when I get on the plane. Last time, I was coming home from New York and I could just hear people talking about me: ‘Is that him, is that him? I’m going to take a picture of him. I can’t tell if it’s him or not.’ As they were getting out of the plane, they were like ‘Are you on the show?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, and I know you guys were taking pictures of me.’ They were like, ‘We’re really sorry, we know we did that, but can we get a picture with you?’ They weren’t very sneaky about it—it was funny.”

So I feel like the moral of the story is that if you think it’s Alexander Koch, it probably is and he will be more than happy to take a photograph with you. Then you can frame it and tell everyone he’s your boyfriend. Or don’t, that might be stalkerish.

Launch the gallery to check out his very sexy photoshoot, and make sure you read the rest of his interview here. He’s adorable. Looks like I know what show I’m gonna be binge watching next!