Uma Thurman’s Ex Is Brave


Uma Thurman’s ex, hotel guy Andre Balazs, is hardcore – he’s taken up with Naomi Campbell! That’s Crocodile Hunter right there!

Naomi Campbell’s latest arm candy is dashing hotel mogul, and Uma Thurman’s recent ex, Andre Balazs. Though insiders say the two are not a couple, they were spotted last week at Waverly Inn having a cozy dinner, which was briefly broken up when Donna Karan plopped down to chat with the dinner daters. Later, Balazs brought Campbell to Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s birthday party at Pop Burger, though a spy said, “They weren’t really together there.”

This is totally a non-story because they’re not a couple, but still. Even if you’re just having a friendly dinner with her – you forget to pass the salt, she sticks a fork in your hand and throws tobasco sauce in your eyes. You don’t want to turn your back on her for a minute. I’d have a Taser in my jacket at all times!