Uma Thurman Redefines The Word ‘Bomb’

March 28th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Poor Uma Thurman!  Only one person went to see her newest movie Motherhood on it’s opening day in Britain.  Nine people rounded out the opening weekend.  Ouch.

The movie is said to have only made about $60,000 in the US last year.

I’m guessing most of you don’t even know which movie this is, and I’m just as mystified.  I can’t say I remember even one commercial for this.  I think we can safely say that this isn’t Uma’s fault.  But don’t worry too much about Uma, she’s in the new Robert Pattinson movie.  She’ll be fine.

Uma, if you’re reading this (hey, she might!), we love you, girl!  Keep your chin up!

Speaking of chins, here’s Uma’s at the premiere of Motherhood in New York back in October of last year.  If Uma ever feels bad, she can always look in the mirror to feel better.  Bitch, you’re gorgeous.

By Nicole Steadman

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