Uma Thurman Not So Depressed Anymore

Who knew that being a celebrity could be so depressing? First, we recently had Ashley Judd come clean about her bout with depression, and now we have Uma Thurman revealing her self-loathing.

She says, “My professional life was soaring but my private life was in ruins. For many years I lived in a kind of self-loathing where I never gave myself much credit for anything I accomplished. I fell into acting and a life that didn’t give me the feeling I was doing anything substantial or meaningful. Even when I was starring in big films and receiving a lot of attention I kind of dismissed it as celebrity worship.”

The moral of Uma’s story is that celebrities have “regular people” problems. They are affected by the devastation of divorce, and having to deal with being a single mother. At least she’s back in the arms of Andre Balazs, so I would say that things are starting to look a bit sunnier.

More images of Uma Thurman frolicking on the beach with Andre Balazs, after the jump.

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Written by Tara Benedict