Uma Thurman Confronted Kenneth Star On Ponzi Scheme

Yikes, désa Madoff.

A New York financial adviser to celebrities was arrested and charged with running a $30 million fraud scheme that allegedly involved using clients’ money to buy himself and his former gentleman-club-dancer wife a lavish Manhattan apartment. Mr. Starr, 66, was found hiding in a closet by federal agents at his Upper East Side apartment on Thursday morning and was brought to a bail hearing (bail was denied).

Kenn Starr (not that one) was a financial adviser to celebs like Sylvester Stallone, Martin Scorcese, Wesley Snipes, and Al Pacinio. But it was reportedly Uma Thurman who confronted Starr after $1 million went missing from one of her accounts. (You didn’t think she would notice $1 million? Even if she didn’t have money on the brain, it’s $1 million).

Uma, seen here grabbing some pizza with her son back in January (Jan 20), went into Starr’s office and demanded the money, but Starr said the guy who held it couldn’t be reached. So Uma called the “money holder” herself and the associate said he thought that money belonged to Starr.

She got her million back within hours, but it turns out that money actually from someone else’s account, another ripped off client of Starr’s, former William Morris talent agent Jim Wiatt.

And the walls of the Ponzi scheme have crumbled…