Uma Thurman Almost Falls Down While Holding Her Newborn Daughter [PHOTOS]

Uma Thurman
The star filmed 'Smash' with Katherine McPhee.
One must think of their own and baby’s safety when they go to unique measures of hiding from the paparazzi.

Uma Thurman and newborn baby daughter were spotted out and about in New York City, New York on Friday (August 17, 2012). The actress held her baby girl tight as she made a run for the car with the help of security and her driver.

Thurman, carrying a Prada baby bag, and her newborn baby girl then step out of a midtown office building and nearly fall in the street as Uma’s foot got tangled in a tarp used by a building employee for cover. 

Luckily the man holding the tarp was able to catch her in time before she took a spill while holding the 4-week-old baby. Glad to see that disaster was avoided.

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