Um, Hi Kate Hudson…Where’d You Get The Baby?

When was the last time you borrowed a friend’s baby? I don’t even lend out shoes.

Yesterday (June 5) wasn’t the first time Kate Hudson has taken a “friend’s” baby out for a stroll in a sling, and I’m not sure, but this might be the same one? (Newborns all look the same and anyone who tells you yours is the cutest is a good friend.) The captions for the photos say this is a friend’s baby, but I’m going to guess it’s Bodhi Hawn Hudson, Kate’s brothers’ new son. But since that’s boring I’m going to throw out some other fun theories:

1) Rent a baby. Your ex dating a girl you hate or even another living person? Snuggle with a newborn and let that new baby smell turn that frown upside down.

2)  Her son rebelled against the aesthetic hippie values she so carefully instilled in him, so she is zeroing in on another person’s child to make sure someone embraces retro fashion statements.

3) Kate has discovered that wrapping a newborn close to your bosom has a side effect of adding 2 to 4 inches to your boobs one day.

Must be repeated for lasting results.

Wow, and some might think she’s just holding a baby.