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February 21st, 2007 // 7 Comments


Not to kick a bitch when she’s down, but the The Daily Mail is reporting that Britney shaved her head because she had lice. Or something resembling the DT’s where you think you have bugs crawling on you mainly because you’re jonesing for booze. Then again, Lisa reported today that it was because K-Fed was threatening (from his cloud of chiba smoke) to drug test her weave. Jesus, and you thought Anna Nicole and her dead body were outrageous.

She is reported to have complained to friends of a “strange itching” on her scalp, and said the “bugs” had “totally freaked me out”.

Yeah, meltdown. I’m behind her 100%. Let’s hope she gets some help (her millions of dollars should assist in that) and gets back to a good place. Maybe back to that place when she was a hot ass pop icon. Because this version is scary and sad. Lynne Spears, mind your daughter and watch those grandkids! As for lice, remember when you were in second grade and lice was the death knell of your popularity because everyone assumed if you had it, your house was dirty and you kept goats or something? No one needs THAT scarlet letter especially during a public meltdown.

By J. Harvey

  1. anon

    i’m ashamed to admit this, but for years i had an eating disorder, and one day i discovered that snorting meth is waaaay more helpful for staying skinny than snorting coke (i grew up in beverly hills, we all loved coke). anyways, the meth made me go off my rocker. i pulled out huge clumps of hair (big bald spots), pulled out all my eyelashes, and spent hours freaking out and cutting my hair. why you ask? the meth made me freak out about bugs. specifically non-existant bugs that i was convinced were living in my hair/eyelashes and eating my skin/hair. so yes, she might be a lil chunky, so it’s not necessarily meth… but it sure does remind me of my own ‘britney moment.’ thank god i’ve been clean for several years, and all my eyelashes grew back, as did my hair.

  2. Ldysunfyre

    First of all, my respect for the above poster for a) cleaning up and b) sharing.

    It seems as if every damn rag out there has a reason behind Britney’s head shaving. Drug testing fears, tight extensions, now lice. I’m going to go ahead and make up my own reasons. How about, Britney has decided to join the military. Or, Britney wanted relate better with her young baby. Or, Britney has cancer.

    How about, she just felt frustrated with life in general and her pain-in-the-ass hair was the easiest problem to jettison at the time? I guess that doesn’t seem tragic or shocking enough.

  3. chrischris

    If she had lice the salon would not have been able cut he hair I think that is aganist cali law
    nor would they have been able to sell it for charity.

  4. dq365247

    Ldysunfyre said:
    First of all, my respect for the above poster for a) cleaning up and b) sharing.

    Nicely said, Ldysunfyre. I agree wholeheartedly.

    I hate to sound like Queen Bitch, but you can’t get help until you admit you have a problem & that you need help. I’m not sure that’s why Britney’s there. I hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she skips out again. She just doesn’t strike me as being together enough at this point to even realize what a mess she’s made.

    She’s a grownup, & she can make her own decisions, but a lot of people watched her decline & did nothing. I remember reports that she was drinking alcohol in restaurants close to the end of her pregnancy w/ SP. If indeed that was true, that indicates a selfish, immature person who isn’t taking care of herself or her child. Why didn’t anyone step in before it got to this point?

    I’m an adult, & I believe I’m fully responsible for my own actions. HOWEVER, if my life was spiralling out of control at the speed hers is & I couldn’t see it/didn’t care, I know my family & friends would take action.

  5. burefan

    Hmmm, donate what to charity? That ratty-looking weave of hers? The hair wasn’t real. After being shaved off the only appropriate place for it was in the garbage pile, lice or no lice. Plus, didn’t she shave it off herself? Even though she was in the salon? Not that I really care about Brit or her life, I have got my own problems :-)

    Anonymous poster #1 — kudos to you! Must have taken a lot of courage to face your demons and to share your story.

  6. Matt

    Ever stop to think that maybe she did this for the same reason she’s done everything she’s ever done: for attention.

    This woman’s overriding drive is to prolong her career, in the absence of talent, by garnering constant attention. The marriage, the kids, the coochie shots–all of it has been planned for that specific purpose.

  7. Wawahaha

    Who cares if it was lice, or drug testing, or just plain crazy? There are WAY WAY WAY more important things in life than Britney Spears. Everyone should just stop talking about her and she’ll go away. FINALLY.

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