Um, Eww?


Not to kick a bitch when she’s down, but the The Daily Mail is reporting that Britney shaved her head because she had lice. Or something resembling the DT’s where you think you have bugs crawling on you mainly because you’re jonesing for booze. Then again, Lisa reported today that it was because K-Fed was threatening (from his cloud of chiba smoke) to drug test her weave. Jesus, and you thought Anna Nicole and her dead body were outrageous.

She is reported to have complained to friends of a “strange itching” on her scalp, and said the “bugs” had “totally freaked me out”.

Yeah, meltdown. I’m behind her 100%. Let’s hope she gets some help (her millions of dollars should assist in that) and gets back to a good place. Maybe back to that place when she was a hot ass pop icon. Because this version is scary and sad. Lynne Spears, mind your daughter and watch those grandkids! As for lice, remember when you were in second grade and lice was the death knell of your popularity because everyone assumed if you had it, your house was dirty and you kept goats or something? No one needs THAT scarlet letter especially during a public meltdown.