JLO Has Adele’s Back, Makes Sure Ukranian Reporter Doesn’t Ruin Her Grammy Win [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

February 12th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

Some gaffes are better left to Tuesday morning news.

At the 55th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night, ballsy Ukranian TV presenter Vitalli Sediuk found his way to the stage when Adele accepted her Grammy for Best Solo Performance on Sunday night (February 10th).

Fortunately, presenter Jennifer Lopez gave Sediuk a quick look of death, followed by a thumbs-up/scram (and yes, we have video).  Adele’s face as she came to the stage was pretty priceless, a mixture of elation and confusion, followed by more elation.  Pitbull was able to distract the winner while Lopez made sure Sediuk got the heck out of Dodge. 

Sediuk only managed to say “I love you, Adele” before scuttling off-stage (under the watchful eye of Lopez).  Yesterday, according to E! Online, Sediuk was arrested for trespassing, and released on $5,000 bail.  A court date has been set for March 4th.

Sediuk, who famously kissed Will Smith on the lips at the Men In Black III premiere, was found backstage by security without a ticket.

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