UK X-Factor’s Tulisa Contostavlos Seen Sunning In MIA

SOCIALITEers, I’d like to introduce you to Tulisa Contostalvos, frontwoman to British Hip Hop group N-Dubz and judge of X-Factor UK alongside American R&B singer Kelly Rowland.  Even though their music isn’t popular stateside, the group has some catchy tunes like ‘I Need You’ and ‘Best Behaviour’ (take a listen by clicking on the title).  I’d equate the group to a British version of the Black Eyed Peas, and Tulisa would be their equivalent to Fergie.  But less pop-y.  Not only does she have a pretty face, but the British bombshell has an amazing voice to go with it.  She just wrapped up recording her debut solo album in California  and headed to Miami, FL for a little bit of RxR before heading back to the UK.

Contostalvos, who is of Irish and Greek origin, had an interesting run in with paparazzi and overly interested bystanders at the Miami Airport and tweeted about it while hiding from the mobbing in the restroom. She tweeted:

I am hiding in a Miami airport toilet…swamped by Americans that have no idea who I am, can the ground open up already #awkward.’


‘Taking pics with a load of people that have no idea who u the loo..n gettin papped comin out of a cubicle is just weird#onlywantedawee.’

After the hullabaloo, Tulisa was seen poolside and enjoying the sun with her personal assistant and BFF Gareth Varey yesterday, February 22nd.

Get used to the mobbing, boo.  If your album blows up in America, you will get more of the craziness you endured at the airport x10!