Uh-Oh: Scientology And Tom Cruise Might Be In Trouuuuuuble

It seems the famed Chuch of Scientology is being investigated by the FBI.  Yawwwwwwwwn.  What else is new?  It’s a slightly creepy organization asking to be exposed (as if it already hasn’t been).  The Huffington Post looked into a report by The New Yorker that the Church of Scientology is being investigated for human trafficking and and using free labor, partially to service the demands of Tom Cruise.

PHOTOS: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at the Plaza Hotel in New York

Allegedly, workers were paid fifty dollars per week to customize a building, rebuild motorcycles, and fix a boat (among other things) for Cruise and the Church.  The head of the Church, David Miscavige, is also under investigation for receiving excessive “financial or material” benefit.  According to federal law, Miscavige is not allowed to receive such lavishness, as he is the head of a tax-exempt organization.  Miscavige is known for his expensive possessions: chartered jets, custom-made shoes, expensive cars and motorcyles, and at one point had two chefs.

Oof, not good.