Critics “Heart” Ugly Betty

September 29th, 2006 // 8 Comments

A new fall season of television is upon us and the Critics are raving over ABC’s newest comedy series Ugly Betty. The show is about a fashion executive that is forced to hire an ugly assistant because he keeps sleeping with all his pretty ones. I think America is definitely ready for something like this. Just fresh off the Devil Wears Prada kick, viewers will fall in love with Ugly Betty.

Several reputable publications have called the show funny, charming, and added that the lead character is beautiful in her own way just as all of us are. The lead character Betty is played by America Ferrera and critics hail that she is terrific and far closer to cute than ugly. The Washington Post claims that Ugly Betty is the best new show of the year with a blast of happiness. I usually never listen to critics because I find that everything they like, I hate and everything I like, they hate. The critics maybe right with this one though it seems that the viewing audience may have found a true heroine in Ugly Betty.

The critics swoon for abc’s Ugly Betty!!! [ONTD]

Written by Christy Pastore

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By Cara Harrington

  1. kiki

    I watched it – and it was cute and funny.. But as a New Yorker i have problems watching shows like this that are based in my city…. I just want to yell at the TV – this shit DOES NOT happen like this in New York…

  2. KittyLiterati

    I agree, kiki. If NYC was actually like its film and television counterpart, I wouldn’t have to be such a bitter slag.

  3. BRockNYLA

    I watched it. It was def cute, funny. I’ll tune in for sure next if only to see Vanessa Williams. She was fab!

    Sure this would never happen in NYC for reals, but this is make believe, folks. How many things do we see on tv that would actually happen anywhere?

  4. loliver35

    Which Vanessa Williams is it: the Melrose Place Vanessa or the Miss America Vanessa?

  5. KittyLiterati

    BRockNYLA, to answer your question: my life eerily resembles episode of “Passions,” complete with the talking doll thingie.

  6. jbonz

    “Ugly Betty” is ugly in a cute, adorable early-Natalie-Merchant kind of way. So we are supposed to applaud Hollywood because they let one ugly person (who isn’t really ugly anyway) see the light of day? Is this “diversity” Hollywood style? God, I hate those assholes!

  7. prettycrazything

    In Germany, there is a very similar show on TV, it’s called “Verliebt in Berlin” (In love in Berlin) and features an ugly girl who eventually gets the job of assistant to a fashion executive and moves on to become the boss and of course, in the end pretty. In the final show she marries her former boss, the very handsome fashion exec.
    This show was a huge success and scooped a lot of prizes. I think the US show is copying it.

  8. Linda

    HI Ugly Betty is indeed a “Copy Cat”. As you might have heard this story was created in Columbia and I have seen the Columbian “original” show, it was great. Indeed Betty ends up married to her boss, but she dreamt about it anyway. Though I am surprised that US copied it. Are they not creative anymore, why do they copy others??

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