Uggie The Dog Celebrates ‘The Artist’ Atop The Empire State Building [PHOTOS]

2012 Oscar Nominations
Found out who got snubbed.
First he stole the show at January 15th’s Golden Globe Awards, and today (January 24th) Uggie took to the top of the Empire State Building for an appearance.  The Artist’s Jack Russell terrier did his thing for the cameras, completely oblivious to the news that 2011’s most celebrated film may just sweep this year’s Academy Awards.

Some are miffed that Uggie was “snubbed” by the Academy, buuuut the rules strictly state that Oscars are for humans only.  However, Uggie has a shot of winning a Golden Collar Award come February, according to Reuters.

Uggie “is really essential in the entire storytelling process…George Valentin is very selfish and eccentric, but the fact is the dog loves him throughout the movie…So the audience trusts the dog and if the dog follows him, he must be a good person,” director Michel Hazanavicius told the media outlet.