‘Real Housewives Of Miami’ Star Marysol Patton Wears Daring Swimsuit [PHOTOS]

Marysol At The Beach
Marysol Patton gets colorful at the beach in Miami.
Realty TV star Marysol Patton rocked a sexy black cutaway swimsuit on Miami Beach this past Saturday (September 29, 2012).

The 45-year-old star of The Real Housewives of Miami showed off her slim and trim figure as she hit the waves.

Patton, who runs her own PR firm, accessorized with designer sunglasses and a chunky gold necklace. She was seen relaxing on a sun lounger with pals at and chatting on her phone.

Marysol has become a favorite on the show thanks to her enigmatic mother, Elsa, a colorful character who describes herself as a “seer.” 

Bravo producer Andy Cohen is such a fan of of the 76-year-old that he has given the Cuban matriarch her own web series, Havana Elsa. In the debut episode, Elsa is seen launching her own line of coffee. “I always wanted to leave something with my name,’ Elsa says. ‘I want everybody to have breakfast with my special unique coffee.”

Who doesn’t love Mama Elsa?