Tyson Beckford Shows Off Hit Tats

July 15th, 2008 // 15 Comments

Tyson Beckford posed for the cameras and showed off his many tattoos before heading to the THISDAY Africa Rising Concert. This has been a public service post on behalf of the ink industry.

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Tyson Beckford posed for the cameras and showed off his many tattoos before heading to the THISDAY Africa Rising Concert. This has been a public service post on behalf of the ink industry.

By Michael Prieve

  1. tony the tiger


    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Is Tyson even in the closet anymore? I see him in and around Chelsea more than every other undercover brother put together.

  2. TomTom

    He looks like a forty year old trying to be a twenty year old. Ridiculous.

  3. piper

    I couldn’t resist. Can someone pleast tell me why this tatoooed….fool looks like an inmate. Cell block 23 has your number.

  4. thevegasstyleguy

    I think he’s really lame. His show lost me when they expected the poor guy to burn a suit he had saved for. That plus all his fake macho is really boring. If he is gay I bet he only screws white twinks and he does that poorly.

  5. dee

    tattooed inmate? Thats original. Because someone has tattoes he is a criminal? Thats really intelligent of you to say. Ignorance!

  6. richie

    No dee,
    It is because he is a BLACK tattooed man that “piper” thinks he looks like a criminal. If Jake Gyllenhaal had the same tattoo, he would have fucking creamed himself over it! There is more than ignorance going on with piper.

  7. JeffRob

    Whoever designed that tank top needs to be tarred and feathered.

  8. Maverick69

    I’m not a twink, But I’d still let him hit it.

    Oh, btw, Whats with the colorful sneaks?

  9. Bitchetta

    I’ve got to agree with “Piper”…this fool does look like a damn inmate…..black, white, yellow, red whatever….by the way, the majority of the inmates in our stateside prisons are black. It is what it is. Accept the truth. And numbers don’t lie.

  10. piper

    Okay..I guess Dee and Richie both have tatoos. Please don’t insult my intelligence.
    Why do people think that they can look like a freak? but somehow perceived value would automatically say, “Why he’s intelligent”…intelligent has nothing to do with looking like a freak. A generation of youth have bought into this idea that piercing and tatooing are okay. Sure it’s okay. If it quacks like a duck; sounds like a duck, it must be a duck. Quack!! Quack!! By the way, if you’re tatooed and come knocking at my door; I only open the door for eagles!!

  11. richie

    Piper, there are tons of blond surfer boys with tats up and down their arms. Would the first thought be that they look like inmates? Highly doubtful. And no, I don’t have tattoos.

    Bitchetta, first you say it doesn’t matter what color and then you give a ridiculous statement that basically says:

    Prisons are full of Blacks + inmates get tattoos = Black men with tattoos covering their arms look like inmates?


  12. say what?

    John Mayer and David Beckham (two pretty white “white-boys”) both have sleeve tats.

    do they look like inmates to you, piper?

  13. Piper

    Absolutely….. Let’s be very frank. My comments had nothing to do with race. Tyson appearance would fit perfectly into a mug shot. There are tons of men and women who have various tattoos and they look like many of the inmates we see locked-up. And Yes, John Mayer,and David Beckham aren’t exempt. Stop trying to criticize comments to make a point that doesn’t have any validity. You apparently find his tattoos warm and inviting. I don’t. That doesn’t make me ignorant. I saw his picture and commented on his profile photo shot. Your lack of awareness was limited by your comment response. I’m not caught up in fame status of any. Pretty has nothing to do with it; Substance does and apparently you lost me at superficial.

  14. whitep88

    haha piper you know Mayer and Beckham don’t look like inmates. You just think all niggers look like criminals.

  15. kill ya whitep88

    Bitch ass white boy, I fuck all the white girls up the ass, and they loved it bitch………

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