Tyson Beckford Throws Some Shade At Justin Bieber, Says ‘Little Boys Can’t Have Grown Man Toys’

The Justin Bieber Sex Doll
Oh no! Justin gets naughty?
I guess I’m not the only one who thinks Justin Bieber is a tatter tote.

The Biebs was out yesterday enjoying a day of cruising on some weird vehicles that are supposed to be motorcycles.  They look like kiddy bikes to me…

He looks like a hot mess, minus the hot part.  WTF is with his hair.  Also the boy can’t drive considering he almost ran over an elderly women while driving that thing! 

The traffic got a little too congested for him so he decided to scoot his way by on the sidewalk.  That’s illegal FYI.  This stupid scooter situation is super ironic considering what Tyson Beckford just said about the notorious singer.

A few weeks ago Biebs was spotted on a yatch with Tyson’s ex, Australian model Shanina Shaik.  This was one day after his infamous brawl with Orlando Bloom over another famous Australian lady.  You’d think Justin would know better then to mess around with peoples exes.

TMZ caught up with Tyson last night and asked the sexy model how be felt about the situation, and his response was priceless.  “Little boys can’t have grown man toys,”  that goes for the bike and the model Justin.  Tyson is definitely not someone we’d want to piss off.  But I have a feeling that he is not to concerned with little boy Bieber.

Check out the whole video below and launch the gallery to see Justin playing with a grown man’s toy, er bike.