Tyson Beckford Is Shirtless & Wet At Monster Headphones Launch Party

42-year-old male supermodel Tyson Beckford still has it going on. He showed off his buff bod at last night’s (November 05, 2013) Monster Headphones Launch Party at The Ivy in Sydney, Australia.

So how does Tyson maintain his rocking bod? Soft drink and cigarettes are not all Beckford avoids – he doesn’t eat red meat, barely touches alcohol, and passes over sweet foods. But having celebrated 20 years in the industry in September, whatever it is he’s doing, it’s clearly working.

“I eat seafood. I like tuna, I like salmon, I like shellfish. I eat a lot of salads. I’m a big fan of sautéed spinach with garlic, cooked in olive oil – it’s good for you, I like the taste, and I get my iron intake,” he says of his diet, which he has stuck to throughout his career. 

“I do four to six hundred sit ups a day. I do anywhere between two hundred to 1000 push ups each day. I do a lot of running, a lot of cardio, my favorite thing is the skipping rope, and I cycle. I used to always laugh at the guys who would go into shops in bicycle shorts and lycra and I thought, you’ll never catch me in that! But now I’m one of them – I like to put on my tights and go riding. Because you find out it’s so aerodynamic and you need them , you don’t want your sweatshirt flapping about in the breeze!” After reading his daily routine I’m feeling quite shameful. I need to get my workout on!

Tyson was busy tweeting before and after his Monster party. Check out the tweets below, and launch the gallery to see more pics from the event.