Tyra Banks Not Leaving Your TV Anytime Soon

July 23rd, 2007 // 5 Comments

In case you were hoping that this whole Tyra Banks television thing was going to fade away, then you’re sorely mistaken. And why would you wish that anyways? This woman is reality television gold. Her weave alone has a stronger fan base than me. Yahoo! Entertainment News reports that in addition to the “Tyra Banks Show” moving to New York this season, “America’s Next Top Model” has just signed a deal with the CW to keep the show on the air through the 2009-20010 season. After this next cycle, in which the contestants will be competing for the “Top Model” title, while living together in a house in Los Angeles, ANTM will also be moving to New York.

Sweet! I want Tyra on the air indefinitely. The only thing that might make me happier about this would be to find out that Janice Dickinson is somehow convinced to come back to the show in all of her crazy, plastic glory.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. T-Bone

    People – let this be a lesson. Your hair should never be the same color as your skin.

  2. sandie

    I like Tyra, but she should fix her hair better, make it look more real also the color sucks. She needs a good hairstylist or should I say wig?

  3. Oh lawd, get that girl some botox! She looks like a damn Klingon!

  4. 2009-20010? Tyra’s going to be on television for the next EIGHTEEN THOUSAND YEARS?!


  5. michelle

    Tyra annoys me for some reason. But I have seen her show a few times (the talk show). It’s not too bad, but she’s even annoying in that. She tries to be like the cool older sister or something, which seems fake. What’s funny is that she preaches all of this girl power and self esteem crap on her talk show. But then her top model show is full of her tearing girls down. She’s inconsistent to say the least.

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