Tyra Banks Needs to Be the Diva in the Relationship


Tyra Banks has parted ways with her manager, Benny Medina, and even though both parties are attempting to spin the break-up as a mutual one, it sounds more like Ty-Ty just got tired of having to cater to an even bigger diva than herself. The New York Daily News reports:

“His perk list is bigger than hers,” said the source. “Everything from private jets and votive candles that the staff has to light before he gets to the set. He forgot who the star was.”

Despite that, it sounds like the split is a heck of a lot less traumatic than the one in which Jennifer Lopez ended her partnership with Medina and resulted in a public legal battle. I really hope this is also because Tyra is planting the seeds for a new show, “America’s Next Tyra Manager,” because I’m now officially too old to try out for the other ANTM. Also, I don’t have the will power to starve myself. I’d love the chance to boss that orange-headed conglomeration of boobs and make-up. Or at least get a peek at her wig closet, which I’m sure exists and is fabulous.