Tyra Banks Is Ruining My Life

March 26th, 2008 // 10 Comments

This is how you squint without squinting. Sources say that Tyra Banks is thinking of giving up on America’s Next Top Model to focus on her busted talk show. Put those bras back on, crazies!

I’ll sue. Don’t even think about it, Ty Ty. ANTM is NOTHING without your narcissism and insanity. Who else is going to show us how to “smile with our eyes” and give totally conflicting advice from episode to episode?

Who else can tell a girl to be a chameleon but remain herself? What? Ok, any loony. But will the loony have access to those wigs?

Tyra allegedly just wants to show up for the judging portion lately, and has little to no interaction with the contestants. She also supposedly can’t get along with Mr. Jay Manuel, the bleached-out photoshoot art director. You know, the orange guy?

“It’s gotten so bad that Tyra and Jay aren’t speaking,” an “insider” says.

Who the hell else is going to try and raise awareness about youth homelessness but then appear in a photo mocking them with a sign that says, “will pose for food?” NO ONE CAN REPLACE TYRA!

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline.com

By J. Harvey

  1. tony the tiger

    Why don’t they just can Jay Manuel? he is the WORST part about that show!!! He isn’t funny or interesting or informative or anything.

    He can get a part as an oompa loompa in Willy Wonka Part II.

  2. RKitty

    I say fire Tyra, hire Paulina and let her choose girls who really have an opportunity to make it big – but would America watch 12 year olds being exploited for their sexuality – who am I kidding?! Sure we would!

  3. Mel

    I LOVE Mr. jay. He’s my favorite. They should just let him host.

  4. I totally agree, Tony! Jay M. is totally not worth it.

    Tyra may be crazy as a loon, but she’s OUR crazy loon.

  5. CP

    Well, Mr. Jay hosts Canada’s Next Top Model and does a fine job. I hope they can just work it out and keep it fierce because we all need MANY MANY more cycles of ANTM. Tyra, quit the talk show, let Oprah be Oprah, and stick to the money maker I love… ANTM!


    Like so many celebs Ty is addicted to fames. She and Orpah/Oprah are addicts. The more they see their names in lights the hotter they get. They have to take on more than they can chew so they can brag about it in the media on how hard they work. I hope Jay doesn’t get like that.
    Tyra is a difficult hoe to deal with. She is a hoe because she models or used to. She would walk out in bras and panties showing it all to the world!!! She sold her soul for money. Now she is looking for redemption in working herself to death like Orpah/Oprah. Why not just admit you have made some huge mistakes and put all that effort in going to church for redemption instead of looking for girls to be hoes on antm.


    Fame is addictive to some underdeveloped people. Tyra, and others like her, are so wrapped up in being famous that they are blind to how bad their attitudes have gotten. Take Kimora Lee, she is an unappologetic individual who feels entitled to treating people like trash and she forgets that she will get old, if GOD willing, and die one day. So why treat people like trash? One day she will be in the hospital will only hours to live and people may treat her like trash. You reap what you sow…..Tyra needs to just make up with Jay and move on since that is what she and Orpah/Oprah are always preaching. Tyra take your own advice and forgive before you are forgotten….

  8. Joya

    She should just give the show to Benny Ninja!

  9. wcjsweet

    Hay, It Is What It Is.

    Instead of making a big deal over Trya and Mr. Jay;



  10. amyshmamy

    Tyra seems to have some issues getting along with people. Hellow Janice left, that bald fat guy left, Twiggy left, Maybe the producers are getting tired of Tyra not getting along with people. She obviously doesn’t play well with others. I miss Janice, but they wont bring her back because she has her own show. She told those B****es the truth upfront. Twiggy was a good replacement….. Paulina, I don’t think she could host it.
    Bring in Naomi, Giselle, or even Cindy Crawford.
    A change in lineup of hosts may actually make the show better.

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